A beautiful mess

A beautiful mess

Most days, this life feels like a beautiful mess.  It’s fun, exciting but it’s also messy.  There are tantrums. There’s stress. There’s literal mess.  But there’s laughter. And hugs. And growth. And so much love.

Here’s a week in our beautiful mess!

Remi LOVES sitting on/in the sink when I do her hair. She does know how to turn on the faucet, so she doesn’t get to sit there too long- I’ve learned a time or two by her soaking herself turning on the water. ha!

This particular day, Remi hung out with Gigi while me and mom went to NWA for shopping, lunch and seeing Cabaret. I am so grateful for the support to take time for things I enjoy, getting “time off” and time to spend with my momma.

This girl LOVES brooms. It’s so cute.

Adding to the literal mess these days is her learning to use a spoon (and also a fork) by herself.  She’s doing great, but some foods are messier than others (I’m looking at you, yogurt.)

More silly sink sitting.  She’s so fun. So stinking fun. I was asking her where all her parts are- and this was her ears. You got it, baby girl!

Mornings can be crazy. She’s very independent- and we try to encourage that. One way is that I try to let her decide that she’s ready to leave and have her walk herself out of the door.  This particular day, she was posted up, like “I’m not moving until I’ve had my milk.”

And that evening we had more spoon mess, featuring guacamole. Such a big girl!

I’m reminded of these old Diamond Rio lyrics,

“What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I’m in
Spending all my time with you
There’s nothing that I’d rather do”


So very true.

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