A Beautiful Weekend

A Beautiful Weekend

I know we are about to head into the weekend…but I haven’t yet recapped LAST weekend! Ooops.  I’ve had a lot to say about last week’s trip to Cleveland to get caught up.

So I’ll recap life next week.  For today, I want to share last weekend with you.

I decided to carry by big camera around with me, so I sort of saw my weekend through a different lens.

Saturday morning started early (since I’m unable to sleep in most days) and I caught the sunrise, the fog, and the horses grazing in the yard.


I also sat out by the hummingbird feeder for a bit trying to capture the fast little boogers.


More lovely morning horses.  It was a gorgeous cool morning.


I decided to head down to the farmers’ market.  Summer may be winding down, but there was still a bounty there.  I bought some GORGEOUS dahlia’s.


And the light on the veggies was just beautiful.


I bought some fresh ginger, which was funky.


After the farmers’ market, I walked around downtown admiring the new murals.

We had The Unexpected Project bring artists from all over the world to paint murals. If you come to Fort Smith, check out the murals using this map.  And expect to see me down there admiring them a lot.

I loved this wild west mural.  Such fun color!


This was abstract, and later in the day got some Indian faces painted on top. I actually met some of the volunteers that were working on this one, and it was neat to talk to them about the project.


Students from the local college painted Gutenberg.


This human-bug hybrid was really neat.


And this Brazilian cowboy dance was unfinished.  But it’s HUGE.  Look at the car for size comparison.


This is a mole eating a worm.  And it’s freaky and wonderful.


This may have been my favorite because of how moving it was.  This is a portrait of a Cherokee woman.  So lovely.


There are many more murals I didn’t get to see (I stopped walking around downtown to head to Zumba), so I hope to explore more this weekend!



  1. I love storytelling through pictures. The photo of the pond in the early morning reminded of a scene in Pride and Prejudice where Mr. Darcy is walking to Elizabeth’s house in the morning mist. Ahhh…. The visualization.

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