A Brave Day at Silver Dollar City

A Brave Day at Silver Dollar City

We spent one day of our trip at Silver Dollar City. We all love it so much! Remi had on her brave pants and did SO many new things!

We started our day with a cave tour. Remi was pretty apprehensive, but once she got down there, she realized how fun it was!

The underground waterfall is so neat to see!

Of course, we hit the kids areas, but I was SO proud because she tried THREE new rides. She’s not a huge ride lover, but we went on the teacups, the racing boats and a water boat ride that were all new to her. I was so proud of her bravery!

And the best party was getting these cute winks when she rode the kids rides by herself.

We all got SOAKED on the water boat ride, but had a blast! The only downside was Remi’s face paint got a little messed up.

This was the fancy mermaid face paint before the water ride.

We enjoyed lots of treats, watched the Wallenda’s Zircus show, and we also stopped by Chuggington to play!

One of Remi’s favorite things is the shooting gallery outside Red Gold Heritage Hall. You shoot at targets and the animatronic bear talks. She just loves it! We always have to stop by here.

We got to the park when it opened, and we left at closing. I never dreamed we would enjoy it all day- but we honestly could have used even more time! We all just love the city!

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