A Country Summer

A Country Summer

Since we’re spending tons of time at home without many plans taking us away, we are having a slower, calmer country summer. I MISS so many things (eating out, going to church, seeing friends, having plans) but I am loving our slower pace of life.

Gigi’s horse, Rex, is in our pasture, and Remi adores him. And Rex knows that when Remi comes around, he gets a treat. So he neighs at us until we give him one. She loves yodeling at him! We’ve taught her that he will come if she gives him a “yodel-a-hee-hoo!” haha It’s the best.

Sunsets off our porch are awesome. I got a new front porch chair for my birthday (and new back porch rockers, too), so we’ve been spending time in the evenings out here.

I’ve been walking a LOT. Like a couple miles every night. To combat the stir-crazy, the “sitting all day working at home” and to get some sunshine and fresh air. This one night, I caught everything I love about country life in one spot: fresh hay bales, sunset, honeysuckles. It’s just perfection.

Since we haven’t been going anywhere, Remi’s LOVING lazy dressing life (me too, if I’m honest). Loose hair, dirty feet, comfy clothes. We had gone down to the barn to watch Ty mess with the tractor (I can’t say to help him…I’m no help with that!) and Remi sat down and I was just taken aback by how beautiful our girl is.

This world is crazy, but I’m thankful we have this beautiful, peaceful refuge to call home.

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