A Super Fun Week

A Super Fun Week

We had a SUPER fun week jam packed with exciting things. Here are the highlights:

Tyler’s birthday! We had a family dinner complete with Happy Cake! Remi didn’t love the candle, but LOVED the cake and ice cream.

Mom and I had a date night- massage, pedicure, dinner and shopping. It was fun to spend time together. And we found Mickey Oreos at Target…so of course, we had to buy some!

Tyler’s family reunion was on Saturday. Always a fun time. Remi got to play her first game of marbles with Kelsey and Norma. She also played outside in the rain and got SOAKED.

We enjoyed visiting with everyone, but especially with Tyler’s cousins (and Brad). I’m so thankful they made me their family, too.

Remi also got to color and play dinosaurs with cousin Jen’s little brother. So fun!

When we got home, she kicked back to watch Frozen. She’s currently obsessed with “pwincess snowman”.

Sunday we had a little family photo shoot before church. Me and my girl!!

We are loving Daddy being around all weekend long.

After naptime, we went to see Poppa. Remi liked playing around and even did a little singing for Poppa.

He had a REALLY great day, which was nice. He did a lot of talking and even told me “Love you too, baby.”

We went and grabbed dinner and did a little more shopping after seeing dad.  This girl was CRAZY shopping for shoes. “I yike dos shoes. I yike dos boots, momma” So guess who got some new shoes?  I’m raising her right to like shopping! ha!

She was accident-free all weekend! Woohoo!  A super fun time together!


  1. You weren’t kidding–what a SUPER FUN week! I love Remi’s big pink bow on her head. :,) And that cake looks delicious, but maybe I just haven’t had cake in such a long time …. /drools

    • Girl that cake was SO GOOD. I’m not really a chocolate cake lover (I know, I’m odd. I prefer white cake) but this one is delish. Come visit and I’ll buy you a cake! 🙂

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