A Sweet Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day felt like most things during this season, a little weird. No getting dressed up for church. No going out to eat. No fun things except staying home.

But Remi and I had some sweet time together (Tyler had to work).  It started Saturday evening while Ty was mowing. We found a ladybug, which is special because they remind me of my Gram. Remi loves bugs, so this guy crawled all over her.


Sunday, she woke me up at 6:30, but we had like a magical almost 2 hours of laying in bed snuggling watching cartoons.  At the end of our snuggle time, she got my weights and started “working out.”  It made me happy that she imitates me in that way.  I may not be a buff size 4, but she knows momma is STRONG.


We dove into playing. She wanted Play Doh, which kept her attention for a long while.


Then Playdoh Olaf had to go sled outside. He needed a reindeer, so thank goodness we had a stuffed one! I love her imagination!


We did more playing, including a glow stick bath after getting kind of messy outside, and then we met my mom at the cemetery to decorate Gram’s grave. Remi was so sweet, leaving a little toy there for her. I love her heart.

Then she and I went to Arby’s to grab lunch. She loved her orange shake at first, but a few minutes in, decided she didn’t. Crazy kid. But she did LOVE the curly fries (#duh).


She said we needed a party, so we dug into the party closet for anything she wanted to set the table for dinner. Also see the cards she made the grandmas! We also had to make snowman cookies, because what party is complete without snowman cookies?!


After a dinner (which Ty picked up from Cheddars after work), she and I got more snuggles in.  I love this girl so much!


I’m so thankful to be her momma.  I let my emotions get the best of me some days, and there are days I just pray the day away waiting for bedtime, but I hope I never take HER for granted. Her sweet spirit. Her genius mind. Her creativity. Her funny laugh. I just adore her.

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