A Very Fun Fourth of July

A Very Fun Fourth of July

Our typical 4th of July at Freedomfest was canceled, so we had a low key (but wonderful) day. We started the day at mom’s where this little firecracker played (while I walked….thanks mom!)

Then I made ribs and hot dogs. I tried my darnedest to make them like my dad did. He was FAMOUS for his hot dogs and ribs, and he would cook them low and slow and SLATHER them in his secret sauce. I spent longer than usual cooking them, trying to make them like his. I got pretty close.

Then we hit the pool! It was a cooler day, but plenty muggy, so the water felt great.

We took late naps to prep for being up late for fireworks. We had done some fireworks at home the evening of the 3rd, and then on the 4th, we went down the hill to our neighbors for their big show. They throw a huge party every year, and while we don’t really crash the party (though they always invite us! we just don’t know many people there), we enjoy their fireworks show! Remi LOVED it.

When we got back home, we could see several nearby houses doing their shows, and then we shot some more of our own. It was a great night!

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