ABCs of Me!

I have seen these floating around other’s blogs, and when Emily posted them, I figured I would jump on the bandwagon (who doesn’t love a good bandwagon?)

So here goes…. the ABCs of me- Brittney!

A. Age: 23….will be 24 June 5!

B. Bed size: King. I roll and toss all night, so we must have a King so I don’t interrupt Tyler’s sleep all night long.

C. Chore you dislike: Hmm.. I don’t love any chore, but I would say I really dislike cleaning the bathroom. Between the bathtub, the sink, and the toilet…its all just too much and too icky!

D. Dogs: I love dogs! I would have 15 if we had room! We have our little Mikey who is so much fun and the silliest little dog!

E. Essential start to your day: Taking Mikey outside….then checking my email/facebook. I usually take my Blackberry outside with us and while Mikey looks for the perfect spot to do his business, I check up on everything.

F. Favorite color: Pink, purple, turquoise….I like them all.
G. Gold or silver: Silver/white gold or rose gold (my current obsession).
H. Height: 5’3.5”

I. Instruments you play(ed): I took piano and guitar lessons for a while, but I’m not really able to play either one very well. I can play some mean “Heart and Soul” on the piano though, thanks to my Grandpa!
J. Job title: At school, I am a Teaching Assistant for Fundamentals of Communication, and at work I’m the Digital Marketing Manager.

K. Kids: Someday. I really like kids (and have been told several times I’m very nurturing) but I have to get over my fear of babies first. Babies overwhelm me how they cry and need attention all the time. I’m sure with a little time in the church nursery that will improve.
L. Live: Arkansas.
M. Mom’s name: Linda. We get told regularly we look like sisters, not mother and daughter. I hope I age as well as she is!

N. Nicknames: Britt, B, B-Sel (my maiden name was Selvidge), and my favorite is from my daddy…he calls me Possumtrot. 🙂
O. Overnight hospital stays: None yet. Thankfully.
P. Pet peeves: I don’t like when people are always late. I try very hard to be punctual and I don’t appreciate it when people don’t care about time.
Q. Quote from a movie: I LOVE the movie The Princess Bride and my favorite scene is the wedding….”Wuv, Twu Wuv…” I crack up every time I see it.

R. Reading material: Right now, just stuff for school. But I have the Pioneer Woman’s book “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” in my nightstand waiting to be read.

 S. Siblings: I have 3 half-siblings from my dad. They are all older than me and we rarely all get together because we all live in different places. But we were all together at my wedding. This is my brother Roy, sister Paula, me, Sister Christie, and our dad.

T. Time you wake up: On work days around 7:30…and between 8-10 on the days I can sleep in. Sleeping in isn’t terribly late for me.

U. Underwear: Preferably from Victoria’s Secret.
V. Vegetables you don’t like: Mushrooms. I’m trying to like them, but its not working.
W. What makes you run late: Trying to do too much…like trying to clean the kitchen in the mornings, or cook a breakfast when I don’t have time.

X. X-rays you’ve had: So many! I’m a klutz! Dental (of course), wrists, ankles, skull…
Y. Yummy food you make: I really like my chicken enchiladas, my English peas with bacon, and my German Apple Cake.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Pandas and penguins. Hands down.

Tell us about yourself!


  1. omg i am the same way about babies. they are very overwhelming!

  2. So glad you did this, wasn’t it fun!? Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

  3. haha i love your dads nickname for you! too cute!

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