Addicted to Podcasts

Addicted to Podcasts

One of the most important things I brought with me to Cleveland was my waterproof bluetooth speaker.  It’s random, I know.  But I HAD to bring it so I could listen to my podcasts.

Yes, I’m that addicted to podcasts.

I started listening years ago to RadioLab, but I only listened online.  About a year ago, a friend told me to download and listen to Serial (an episodic true crime podcast).  I didn’t really know what to do.  So I went into the podcast app on my phone (that app I never could delete…it’s one of those apps you have to keep. I’m looking at you, Apple Watch I don’t have). 

I found Serial and downloaded it and started listening.  I was hooked.  Serial released new episodes once a week, so in between episodes, I wanted more.  So I started searching for other podcasts.

I found that I had TONS of listening time.  In the car, getting ready in the morning (enter waterproof bluetooth speaker), cleaning, walking the dogs….I still loved listening to music, but now I could listen to entertaining and informative podcasts.

Podcasts are just audio shows.  Some are really formal, with the host reading a beautifully written script.  Others are just people discussing a topic.  Others are carefully crafted with music and sound effects and interviews.  And I love them all.

So on this trip, I had to pack my speaker so I could listen to podcasts while I got ready.  I love getting up in the morning and having new podcasts to listen to.  Podcasts have helped me learn about eveyrthing from the best foundation and blush to the reproductive ways of pigs.  I’ve learned how to build a better sandwich and how circus families work.  It’s all random and wonderful.

I say all of this to encourage you to download some podcasts.  Go browse the podcast app. You will find something interesting to you.  Some of my faves are The Sporkful, RadioLab, This American Life, Invisibilia, Planet Money, and The Mystery Show. I subscribe to like 24 podcasts and growing.  You might just find one or two you like…but you might get sucked in like I did! 


  1. I love podcasts! I haven’t heard of these but will have to check them out.

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