Admiral’s Club

Well, today we left Tampa. Actually, we have been in St. Petersburg beach…which is like 15/20 minutes away. We had to leave quite early (6 a.m.) and head to the airport.

Well, while traveling through the airports today, I was treated to a new experience. I got to go to the Admiral’s club. It was such a radically different airport experience.

It was comfortable, quiet, very modern and stylish, and very accommodating. There was complimentary coffee, tea, snacks (like cookies, apples, chex mix, etc.) and they had a free bar! It was only like 10 a.m. when we were in there, but everyone was sipping bloody marys and wine! ha!
This is what one lounge area looked like…And this was some cool art by the bar…
I got home and took a WONDERFUL nap, and spent some time with Tyler. I am glad to be home.

If you would, keep one of my colleagues in your prayers. His older brother died and he went home to be with his family. We are all covering his classes this week, and I know it is hard for him to be away…and hard to deal with this loss.

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