Adventure Date

Adventure Date

Tyler and I had a Saturday night free- my mom and Caitlyn were keeping Remi. We debated going out, but we have two weekends with plans, so we didn’t really want to spend the money or the effort. ha!

So Tyler had the idea to go explore the woods near our house. He’s been down in there hunting (thanks to some neighbors who let him use their land), and he said it was neat. And it sure was!

We trekked almost 3 miles round trip, first through his hunting spots (looking for an arrow that he lost the last week of hunting season), and then we went down through old mining areas (our area was heavily mined in the late 1880s). You could see basins that were dug for water for the mining process.


But probably the neatest was the old mining railroad. The rail lines are long gone, but lots of old railroad ties are still littered on the sides, and the railroad is still built up. There’s even parts of a bridge left over the creek.


We walked for a ways down the tracks, looking for antler sheds, watching for tracks and droppings, and just enjoying the beautiful day.


When we got home just before dark, there was a lovely sunset! A perfect date night, even if it only involved a walk in the woods and leftovers from the fridge. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect.


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