Adventures of Mikey and Pippin

Adventures of Mikey and Pippin

My pups have been pretty adventurous this summer.  It’s a good time to be a farm dog.  While it’s been a bit too hot for walks (the dark asphalt gets crazy hot and is hard on their little feet)…we have let them explore outside more than normal.

They are loving chasing the cows in our pasture.  They must think they’re sheep dogs the way they run at those big cows.  The cows hardly shuffle around and don’t really mind these 7 and 13 pound pups!

They’ve also loved chasing the geese and hummingbirds. This morning, they took off after a hummingbird (good luck catching those, boys!), and I snapped some action shots.

Sometimes the birds perch on the fence, so they were scoping things out in the morning light.

With the dogs being so active, it’s so important to give them good food and treats.  Enter Chewy.

We get our food on auto-ship from Chewy…and I get treats as a part of their blogger program.

This month, we received Wellness Pure Rewards jerky treats.  I love that they are small, so I can give them after small victories….but they are chewy like a jerky treat, so the dogs don’t just swallow them whole. To top it off, they’re grain free, which fits their special diet.  They offer several flavors for both dogs and cats!

The boys LOVE them.  Mikey is polite with treats.  He waits patiently.

He comes in for a sniff and then a gentle grab.  Good boy.

Pippin, on the other hand, jumps on my leg begging for a treat NOW!


These treats give my boys a boost of encouragement when they do something good, and also give them great nutrition and energy to explore.

Check out Chewy for your treats, toys, and food needs- for both dogs and cats.  It’s a great place to get quality products for your fur babies.

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