Alden is MARRIED!

This weekend was packed with wedding activities.  It was great.
I ran some errand with these fun friends… (car selfies are a MUST!)
And they had the most heartfelt rehearsal with so many friends and family members speaking their hearts. This is the bride and all her girls at the rehearsal.
The wedding day was great.  Lots of fun getting ready. I even curled my hair!  Woop!
Like half of my Tri Chi family was in this wedding.  Alden, my little sis, was the bride…and her little sis Jessie (who is pregnant! YAY!) was a bridesmaid.  Love this girl!
And then Jessie’s little sis, Haley, was in the house party.  We got TONS of professional pics (even a family pic) but those will have to wait).
Somehow, I didn’t take a picture with my camera of Alden and I…but she was radiant.  SO beautiful.
I had fun with Tyler there.  We clean up pretty nice.  He even danced with me at the reception. 🙂
We’re goofy and I like it.
And my college roomie, Karlee, was there too!  I got to meet her new boyfriend and catch up with her and it made my heart so happy.
I’ll post more pictures once the photographer gets them to her. It was a beautiful day.


  1. Looks like a ton of fun!

  2. ah this was so fun to see all of you together again! looks like you had a blast!

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