All the Fun Recently

All the Fun Recently

Here’s the update of the week before Easter! (Yes, I’m a little behind on posting….it’s fine).

Remi girl wore this SWEET dress to church on Palm Sunday. I LOVED it. I may or may not have purchased it like a year ago, and then forgot about it. I’m glad she can wear it now.


The Monday after our big potluck, she couldn’t hang on the way to school. She asked for the balloon from Amelia’s birthday and then passed out. She usually doesn’t sleep on the way in, but that particular Monday, she couldn’t hang.


Mom and I went to Fayetteville to see Waitress! We originally had tickets for Tulsa, but they are for Easter weekend, so we sold those and bought ones in Fay.  We had a fun evening- shopping, dinner at the new Cheers at the OPO (VERY good if you’re local!), and then the show.  I saw Waitress when it was in Broadway previews, but this production was as good as the original cast.


Remi got to dye Easter eggs at school! She was pretty excited about it!


And then they had a big Easter egg hunt and party! I don’t have any pictures from her hunt, but she talked ALL about finding the eggs and putting them in her basket. And our school does an amazing job of taking pictures of the kids for each holiday.



So many fun things! And we have a VERY exciting Easter weekend planned!

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