All the Fun Things

All the Fun Things

We’ve had some fun memorable moments lately.

We had Tyler’s family reunion, which is always fun. They’ve loved me so well, and thankfully, Remi enjoys it (and she’s so willing to love on everyone- hugging everyone who wants one even though she doesn’t know them all well). She’s also finally big enough to really play with the big kids. They enjoyed the playground and played soccer, too. Colton (cousin in some relation?) is a soccer player and showed her some moves.

We went to our sweet friend Connor’s birthday- and they had a big laser tag set up. Remi was TOTALLY into it at first.

She got ready and then the countdown started. It was WAY loud with surround sound speakers, and she didn’t love it. She ran to me off the field and we ended up watching the games. That was ok. She doesn’t always love super loud things. But man, before it started- we were impressed with her shooting stance. ha!

At the end of the party, Connor’s dad Ty yelled “Parent’s game!” and we all ran over to play ourselves. It was so fun! My team won. And bless Remi- before we got going she gave me a huge hug like I was heading off to war. And another sweet momma who wasn’t playing stuck beside her during the game because she was worried about me.

We started fall soccer. She’s on a 5-6 year old team now- and Tyler is their coach. We didn’t have a coach initially, and at the first practice he decided to take it on. He’s doing a great job and she’s loving it. The first game is in a few weeks! Go Raptors!

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