Almost but Not Quite

So this week is Miss Arkansas week. I LOVE Miss Arkansas week.

The pageant happens in my hometown of Hot Springs. When I was in high school, me and my friends used to go and rank the contestants ourselves. The most fun year I can remember, I went with my best friend Randy (who I have to admit, I had a HUGE crush on at the time….you know those best friends, ladies….they are the cute, fun boys who are really your best friends, but you misread it that they are really in love with you? yup…for a while that was me and Randy. Don’t worry, I snapped out of it, and we had a great actual friendship in high school with no heartbreak or anything.) Well, me and Randy got all dressed up (because that’s what you do for a pageant!), went out to eat somewhere fun downtown, and had seats WAY up far away from the stage in the convention center. I remember we talked so much, we had to move to seats even further away so there were no people sitting by us! It was the best night.

Well, I can’t go to the preliminary nights this year (dumb work!), but they show it online via simulcast. So my best friend, Alden, who is also Miss AR obsessed, came over to watch the pageant online.

Well, there were some technical difficulties with the stream. We were only able to see about 10 minutes, the evening gown competition. We had my computer hooked up to the big TV, so we were watching it in style! But its ok…we had cupcakes! (don’t worry, I was super good on my diet ALL day to be able to eat this delicious beauty!)

I’m hoping they replay the stream today or tonight so I can watch it! But even if they don’t we will get our Miss AR fix because me and Alden are going to the finals on Saturday! I HAVE to go! I know 7 girls in it! 5 girls I went to college with (one I was a sorority sister to) and then 2 girls I went to grad school with. Go Kristen, Abby, Bethany, Cortnie, Lauren, Simone and Helen!

Last night, Kristen, Helen and Simone all won preliminary awards so we are off to a great start! Woohoo!

Here is a picture I janked from the Miss AR website of my friends!)

The category winners- Kristen is in the swimsuit (look at that AWESOME body!), and Simone won evening gown on the right.Helen is in the swimsuit on the L. She won Alpha swimsuit (meaning best of the first year competitors). Every other category had a tie/three way tie…but Helen wooped them in swimsuit!

Can’t wait to see (maybe, if the stream is working) who will win what tonight!


  1. I was there Sunday for the welcome part. My neice is an escort and it’s pretty exciting!

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