Always, Sometimes, Never

Saw this on Emily’s blog a while back and wanted to join the fun.

I always eat breakfast.
I always freak out when I see a spider.
I always have a camera with me (point and shoot, phone, or big camera).
I always want pasta for dinner (but rarely eat it!).
I always go to bed early, like by 11 pm at the LATEST (night owl I ain’t).
I always have a cup of coffee in the morning.

I sometimes use a list grocery shopping. Sometimes I just throw things in the cart.
I sometimes listen to Radio Disney in the car (and I don’t have children).
I sometimes wish I could move to the beach (Hawaii, anyone?).
I sometimes fall asleep watching movies.
I sometimes want to get a tattoo.
I sometimes have really snarky thoughts that I have to hold in.
I sometimes am over-animated and look like a cartoon character in photos.

I never drive below the speed limit (Mrs. Lead Foot here).
I never miss an episode of Suits.
I never look forward to the dentist.
I never pass up free pie.
I never want to be boring.

What about you?  Always, sometimes, never?


  1. Love this (obviously)! Thanks for linking my blog too, you are such a sweetheart! I am also a lead foot…sometimes it’s not a good thing, ha!

  2. Oooohhh great! Kristin is afraid of spiders too so this means that if there’s a spider during one of our girls trips I get to be the killer! Sigh, well I guess I’ll commit, as long as y’all agree that if there’s a snake then one of y’all will kill it.

  3. cute post!!

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