Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

My sweet friend Amber is getting married soon, so we headed to Hot Springs to celebrate her.

We gathered at one of the bridesmaid’s family’s condo on a Friday night and hung out.

Then I enjoyed a mimosa watching the sun come up over the lake.


We made breakfast and then made Amber wear an obnoxious veil to the nail salon.


Everyone got pedicures (well, not me. I had just gotten one, so I got my nails done) and I was SO HAPPY at the nail salon. It’s the same place I used to go in high school and college, and they remembered me and were SO nice to me. Filled my love tank.


We went back and had lunch at the condo then we walked around downtown for some shopping.

We did a wine tasting at the winery and that was fun!


We came back and got all fancy for dinner.

I loved the big champagne balloon. And anytime I can wear sequins, I’m going to.


We took some self-timer pics on the patio.


OBU friends/Tri Chi sisters.


Hanson friends. šŸ™‚


We went out to eat and enjoyed ourselves, then we came back and did some fun games.

Sunday morning, we all decided to be bummy and went for a casual breakfast. But not before a silly picture on the porch.


Can’t wait to celebrate Amber and Damion in a few weeks!

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