Anniversary Trip to the Buffalo (Triple Falls)

Anniversary Trip to the Buffalo (Triple Falls)

Tyler and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. We have a big trip planned for summer (hopefully, Coronavirus to be determined). But we wanted to mark it now in March, so we decided to escape to a cabin in the Buffalo River area. This was before all the social distancing and quarantines, but it was a great choice, all things considered.

The cabin was so secluded and perfect. It rained most of the day on Saturday, which felt at first like it was ruining my hiking plans….but we TOTALLY enjoyed our day to just relax. Very different from a day relaxing at home because there wasn’t any cleaning/tending to things to do. We watched movies, leisurely drank our coffee, and enjoyed the hot tub! Perfect for a cool, rainy day.


We took a long nap, and then woke up to the rain having moved out, so we decided to drive to a short hike at Triple Falls. On the way, we saw LOTS of waterfalls. With all the rain, chasing waterfalls was the right choice.


Triple Falls was a ROUGH spot to get to. You would need a 4 wheel drive after a rain (like 8 miles down a gravel, steep road across water crossings), but it was just a short walk from the parking area. The water was FLOWING.


There were several people out there enjoying the falls, which I was thankful for a great photo.


After such a long drive to get there, we didn’t want to just walk back out and leave, so we found a trail going up above the falls. It was a little slippery from the rain, but worth the trek.


We kept taking the trail around and saw three more falls toward the Boy Scout camp.


It was neat to see the water bubbling up from the springs underground.


We took one more trail, that we thought would end up at the river, but it didn’t….so we doubled back to get to our car before dark.

When we got back, we FaceTimed Remi (thanks, Mimi for watching her!) and then I cooked giant steaks. A perfect day!


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