Another week of fun

Another week of fun

I’ve been sort of falling behind on posting. Life is getting way too fun to care about being on my phone, which is a good thing. But I want to keep up with these memories- so here are pics from a fun week.

Remi loves to have “guitar lessons” with daddy- which is funny because I don’t think he can play in real life. But she loves to take him her guitar, sit in his lap and hit all the fun buttons. These two make my heart sing.

She’s so funny in the mornings. Most of the time, a little clingy and sleepy (who can blame her? A 6 a.m. wakeup and mom having you get ready fast?) but I just thought she looked so precious with her tired eyes and snow outfit!

Big girl wearing her new boots from Gigi!

Oh y’all. She’s into EVERYTHING. She got into some paper trash from a family Christmas with Tyler’s aunt and thought it was SO funny.

Oh sassy pants. She was running from my camera, so I snatched her up for a pic. Getting too big!

My Aunt Sandy bought her a basketball goal for Christmas and she loves to dunk it! It’s almost too big for our tiny girl, but she’s determined to do it herself. And she does!

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