Anthem Hanson Weekend Day 2

Anthem Hanson Weekend Day 2

What I’m considering the second day of our trip was Monday.  We were SO tired from driving back late on Sunday that we slept until 9-10.  Me, Taylor, and Kristin had THE BEST day.
When we woke up, we all piled into the big bed and watched HGTV and laughed at random stuff.  Like a 10 year old sleepover all over again.
Then we got ready, and had lunch at Neiman Marcus in Dallas.  The Mermaid Bar had delicious soup…and who knew lunch in a department store could feel so fancy?  We also did some shopping at Anthro and some boutiques.
But the highlight came at the House of Blues.
We actually chose to buy party passes which allowed us to wait inside and skip the outside line. AMAZING to not get all sweaty while you waited.
My friend Liz also met us there.  Liz and I were Tri Chis together, and she and I ventured to Austin years ago for a Hanson concert…so I was glad to share this with her too.
Me and Liz
Team Rattail (long story)
Just like the night before, Paul McDonald opened for Hanson.  He was great.  I really dig his folky/bluesy sound.
But let’s be honest.  We were there to see Hanson.  We had a GREAT spot in the venue.  Taylor had won a meet and greet, so she got in first, and had us on the second/third row….but because it’s standing room only, the “rows” are really just the amount of people between you and stage.  I only had two people standing in front of me.
I was freaking out.  This was the fan experience I had always wanted but never thought I’d have.  I’d never have time to camp out for days at the front of the line (That’s usually how people get front rows like that).  But there we were.  Making eye contact with Taylor as he sang.  Seeing the sweat fly into the crowd.  Feeling the bass beat into our chests.  It was really magical.
They started with Fired Up, which I love because at one point, Zac plays his drum with one arm up for a second…and I caught it on film. LOVE!
The setlist was pretty great.  I had REALLY wanted to hear a song from the fan club album, and they played “On and On” which is a treat because they all play guitar.
When they played MMMBop, I held hands with Tay and Kristin.  These girls have become amazing friends to me.  When stuff has gone wrong lately, they are my first text.  They know how crazy/goofy/strange I can be…but they love me for it.
I don’t get emotional (like crying) but I was overcome with feelings as we held hands and Hanson sang “Hold on to the ones who really care, in the end they’ll be the only ones there…”
The show was amazing.  Taylor sang my favorite song on Anthem, Lost Without You.  Zac did Juliet. Issac played a few leads, they sang With You in Your Dreams again (check out the video below!), and just played a great set.

Taylor got sweaty.  I’ve said it before: nothing is hotter than a sweaty Hanson. 🙂

There was a little boy standing in front of us the whole show.  His little momma held him up so he could watch his Hanson heroes perform.  It was awesome.  Zac gave him his drumsticks (well, a stupid mean lady stole the first set from the little boy- RUDE!- but we got Zac’s attention and he gave him another set).
Hanson is amazing live, even when you stand on the back row.  But to experience it so close like this was a dream come true.
After the show, we waited by the bus…and they all came out.  Zac just came to say thanks for coming….he didn’t stay for autographs.  But Issac and Taylor signed our stuff.  I’m on a mission to get my Middle of Nowhere CD signed (now all I need is Zac!).
We talked to Issac (who was SUPER kind staying to sign our stuff.  His tour manager was rushing him off to leave…but he stayed and signed our stuff…we were like last in his line…and he didn’t want to leave us hanging.  But because he was rushed…we didn’t get a pic.).
But we DID get a picture with Taylor.  So neat to stand next to (and put my arm around!!!) a guy I’ve admired for a long time.  Not just because he’s cute, but because he is super talented.

I’m having major Hanson withdrawals, and withdrawals from my friends.  But it was a GREAT experience. I can’t wait for the next concert. 🙂


  1. Take me back to Hansonland….

  2. Le sigh. I would just like to point out that we aren’t as snuggled in with the pic of Tay as we were with our pic with Zac.

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