Anthem Weekend Day 1

I’m going to recap my weekend in Texas seeing Hanson!
I went with Taylor and Kristin.  We all got to Dallas around noon on Saturday.  It was actually pretty funny, because even though we took 2 cars and came from different routes, we arrived at the EXACT same time. 
We stayed at Taylor’s Nana’s house- which was nice to have space to spread out and hang.  We hung out and took a little nap…and then we met Taylor’s mom for dinner.  We had a GREAT meal at Sissy’s in Dallas and then hung out at her mom’s house for a bit.
Sunday, we headed to Austin bright and early.  We met up with Kristin’s brother and his family for lunch.  YUMMMY Mexican lunch at Trudy’s (hello grapefruit margarita!).
Then we headed to the venue to take The Walk.  Hanson hosts one mile walks before shows.  Most people walk barefoot…but we didn’t because it was HOT and we didn’t want to burn our feet.  They donate $1 for each person who walks to their charity Take The Walk, which builds schools, digs clean wells, and provides medical services in Africa.
During the walk, Taylor and Zac walked barefoot and talked to us about taking action and helping out however we can.
The show that night was good.  The venue pretty much sucked because it was TINY and SUPER crowded. But the show itself was great.  The most amazing moment was when they started playing chords that we recognized as With You in Your Dreams.  It is super rare that they play that…so we all sort of teared up because it was so special.  Hanson puts on a great show!

After the show, we were pretty beat.  We wanted to hang at the buses and wait for the guys…but we decided to just drive back to Dallas.  We got back at like 3 AM….but it was worth it!


  1. Having Hanson withdrawals….

  2. I could really go for a California Roll.

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