AWBU 2014

AWBU 2014

I’m off to NWA to attend ARBU 2014- that’s short for Arkansas Women Bloggers University 2014.


We have an awesome organization here in Arkansas that helps bloggers connect, learn, grow, and promote themselves…and they put on their own conference.

It’s my first time attending, and to be honest, I’m a bit nervous.

I’m staying with two ladies I don’t know in person (hope they don’t think I’m crazy! Scratch that.  They will. But I hope they embrace my crazy!). I only really know one person that’s going to be there.  But I know I’ll make fast friends.

I’m excited to learn more about blogging, meet some fellow bloggers, and find ways to be even better at this expensive hobby I have. 🙂

I’m also attending Foodie Friday today, which is mostly for food bloggers (which I am not) but I wanted to learn so maybe I can be better at posting my recipes/photographing food. Should be a fun time.

So if you’re going to AWBU, I’ll see you there!

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