Arkansas in the Fall

Arkansas is The Natural State. No really, its our state nickname…or whatever. It is on our license plates.
I remember one fall in college I drove from Arkansas to Alabama one weekend to visit a friend….and then to Texas and Oklahoma the next weekend….and the trees just weren’t as pretty in any other state.
I was blessed to drive through Arkansas this weekend and admire the beautiful trees. I didn’t take any pictures (because I was driving, duh!), but a friend of mine posted some pictures on Facebook that perfectly show our fall colors.
I bet your state doesn’t look this magnificent. I was driving and I would turn corners and gasp…it was so beautiful it took my breath away. God is a wonderful artist for sure.


  1. i LOVE arkansas in the fall.. it is so gorgeous. when i was there, i couldn’t get over not seeing the ocean. now that i see the ocean every morning… i think i miss the trees. that’s life, right?

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