ARWB Ornament Exchange

ARWB Ornament Exchange


I’m a part of the Arkansas Women Bloggers community (check it out if you’re from AR…. and there are The Women Bloggers communities for Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas and Missouri linked there too!).

(PS.  Check out my latest post on ARWB about my Christmas tree!)

I love this community so much, and one of my favorite things each year is the homemade ornament exchange.  You sign up, you get matched with someone else, and then you send them a homemade ornament.  It’s a surprise who your “gifter” will be…and that’s so fun!

This year, my gifter was the founder of ARWB, the wonderful Stephanie at The Park Wife. I love this lady, and I was pretty stinking excited when I got a package in the mail with her return address.

Stephanie is so detailed and thoughtful, and y’all…she totally nailed my ornament.

Just look at this leopard beauty (you know, leopard is my favorite color!).

And IT’S A PURSE!!!! Complete with a buckle and a chain handle. I can barely stand the cuteness.  It looks like she made it by creating a base of something hard (cardboard or foam or something) and glued the fabric and details on that.  I just love it. (and my homemade ornament was NOT this intricate.  I tried…and I think I made something cute…but I am not on Stephanie’s level).



And she also included a cute little surprise in my box- this wonderful leopard cross. I love the verse on it- For the Lord is good and his love endures forever (Psalm 100:5).  Such a great reminder.  I’m now proudly displaying this cu-u-u-ute cross in my living room.


ARWB will have a linkup on Monday for all the homemade ornaments, so check out all the ones the ladies in our community made.  And also check out the ornament I made for Renee at Married and Hungry!




  1. So awesome and perfect for you! Love it.

  2. That is adorable! It looks great on your tree! So pretty!

  3. I am so glad you liked it. Merry Christmas friend.

  4. Well, I will have to admit that it’s pretty dang classy even if The Park Wife didn’t include any glitter because of her glitter aversion syndrome.

    Merry Christmas Britt!

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