So much playing!

So much playing!

The theme of the last week was PLAY.

She’s getting so big and interactive and really figuring things out.

We started last week with (wah wah) her one year checkup.  She did GREAT.  Only cried for a minute, and y’all, I wish we had it on video – she was crying after shots and I played her favorite song “My Shot” and she instantly started dancing. It cracked us up.

She LOVES her big blocks (They are Crayola brand, if anyone is interested).  Daddy builds stuff, and she loves breaking it apart.  I know that’s a huge skill to learn to pull and take things apart- so I love that we have a great toy to encourage that.

She looked ADORABLE and was SO HAPPY before school one day. LOTS of giggling at our house in the mornings.

That same day at school, they had a Harvest party. She was so happy! I love the pictures they take at their parties. They go all out making these cute backdrop areas. I just love it!


Friday evening, we hit the park after dinner and she had a BLAST.  She’s always liked walking around the park and playing some, but she went to town this trip. Climbing up the slide, and figuring out how to let go and slide down on her belly. She just laughed and laughed. It was the best.

Love watching her play and grow!


Week 53. 🙂

R’s First Family Reunion

R’s First Family Reunion

Last year for the reunion, I was SUPER pregnant.

This year, Remi was here and got to join in on the fun!

We got ready to go and headed into Oklahoma.

She’s a GREAT baby who happily goes to just about everyone. She spent LOTS of time being passed around and being so fun.

She also pushed a rubbermaid tub around showing everyone her strength. ha!

She loved being outside!


The reunion is next to an old park, and she loved the ride on horse.

She got to see some family and was quite the attraction during the morning.


I didn’t grow up with these people, but Tyler did. And even though he had to work, I know it’s so special for them to hold and play with Remi. They love her as much as we do!

My Post-Partum Weight Loss Journey

My Post-Partum Weight Loss Journey

I’m a year out from having my baby.

It’s been a journey this year.

I was lucky, thanks to gestational diabetes that I didn’t gain much weight during pregnancy. Maybe 20-25 lbs. total? I was down to pre-baby weight by 6 weeks post-partum. The issue was that I had gained like 40 lbs before I got pregnant, so I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

The best I’ve felt in the last few years (in Vegas)- side note: that’s not my lowest weight, which was 20 lbs less than this….but this was just like 2.5 months before getting pregnant:


Plus 30-40 lbs. pre-baby (like this was just weeks before getting pregnant).  Life happens, ya know?  Holidays, life stress.  I eat my feelings (or I did, I’m working on that):


So on we go.  I get pregnant, gain 25 lbs. or so and get back to the weight I was in December 2015. But if you’ve ever had a baby before, you might weigh the same, but things are….different. Things move around. They are shaped differently. They hang differently. ha!

I wasn’t happy.

I tried losing some weight just making better food choices. I tried doing some at-home workouts.

I lost maybe 8 lbs and bounced around.

This was me in May.  I think I had lost maybe 5-8 lbs. here.  But I felt tired. I felt bloated. I felt weak:

In May, I decided to make a change. I wanted more energy. I wanted more of my clothes to fit. I wanted to look better.

I joined a kickboxing gym called 9Round. They are a franchise and have locations across the country. They are 30-minute boxing based circuit workouts. I went initially because I liked the 30 minute format, but now I love the people and the workouts.

I also started eating low-carb/ketogenic. I am not hardcore keto tracking macros, but I lean a little more on the keto carb limit (around 20-25 net carbs a day).

I started losing some weight. I had lost like 10 pounds and felt comfortable enough wearing shorts on the 4th of July.

I lost 15 pounds and was feeling pretty snazzy some days. This was me and my friend Kacee in Tulsa on a mom’s night out. 

I lost 20 lbs and felt confident enough to wear a 2 piece swimsuit at the beach. It’s not where I want to be, but I am working hard and I don’t want to hide. I could have cropped out my legs to hide it. But I didn’t. Yes, I’ve got cellulite. But, I’ll honest, when I weighed 40 lbs less, I had dimpled legs. So that’s not gonna stop be from jumping into the ocean with my baby.

So I’ve hit some milestones. I’ve lost 25 lbs. I’m now under 200 lbs. I can do a real push up. I feel more confident. But I’m not done.


I have several goals. I want to continue on this way of eating to lose 35 more pounds (maybe more, but my initial goal is 35 more). I am sticking with 9Round. I want to hit my 100th workout by the end of 2017. I want to make time for myself because working out makes me feel good. I want to eat healthier because I have fewer headaches, more energy and less inflammation. I want to be the best me.

Stay tuned to see where I go. 🙂

12 Months Old

12 Months Old

Well, it’s official. She’s a year old! I’m a little sad, but I’m mostly happy because I know the older she is, the more fun we can have together.

I may keep doing monthly updates, but they may be a little shorter just to keep track of everything that’s changing and fun.

As of yesterday’s one year checkup, she weighs 20 lbs. 2 oz and is 28.5 inches (finally getting taller! yay!). She’s sized up to size 4 diapers just this week and is now wearing mostly 9-12 and 12m clothing. We do have some 18m items as well (baby clothes are sized so crazy from brand to brand). She’s grown out of her newborn shoes finally, and is wearing mostly 2s still.

She’s still a champ eater. We are struggling a little at meal times with her pushing food off her tray, but we are learning together and working through that. Her favorite foods are bananas, macaroni and cheese, green veggies, and pasta. She started on whole milk and drinks it well. We are weaning off bottles and formula and I’m not the least bit worried about her getting the nutrition and hydration she needs since she drinks well. It’s probably best that we are ditching bottles. She would get so distracted while eating bottles that we were singing songs for the nighttime bottle so she would stay focused and still.

We are working on normal sippy cups (I took the valve out of one to work on), but she does well with straw cups and the 360 cups. We are also slowly working on spoon use, but it’s messy and time consuming, so it’s not as frequent as I’d like (real life, yo).

This month she had a bad diaper rash that required a prescription cream, but thankfully, it healed up well.  She also had another ear infection (eye roll). But tubes are coming!

We took our first beach vacation (and a very long car ride) and she did great. She is a routine kid, but she adapted to a new schedule easily.

She is pushing every toy (and even things that aren’t toys) everywhere. Boxes, baskets, her push walker, her play table….everything gets pushed around. I know she could walk if she tried but she won’t yet. In her own time, I know.

One of my favorite things this month is that she pants when she gets excited. She also checks me for necklaces and earrings in the morning. She will push my face to the side looking for earrings. We are working on being “sweet” and “gentle” and using touch kindly. She has a tendency to be a little aggressive. ha!

She is doing a tongue clicking, which is SO CUTE. She loves it. She does it all the time to us.

She interacts with strangers and almost shows out if they don’t acknowledge her.  We were shopping and the man in the shop didn’t say anything to her, so she was making cute noises and clapping and looking at him waiting for him to talk to her. He never did. Wah wah.

She is now waving hi and bye (more for hi, currently) and is cruising everywhere. She is giving tight hugs, which are momma’s favorite! She still does GREAT at drop-off at school and daycare. No tears, yet! Daycare and school both say she’s just a happy good girl.

Still 6 teeth, but one just cut through yesterday (but it didn’t happen by 12 months! ha) A couple more bulging gums, but I know from experience they can take a while to break through. She still just laughs when I brush her teeth.

She still loves being thrown around for physical play. Upside down, tickles, swinging….she also loves when we chase her. LOTS of giggles when we do that.

Her nicknames are just about the same: Remi, RG, Roo, Bug.

Remington, we can’t believe how fast and slow this year was. They say the days are long, but the years are short, and that has felt true. We have all grown and learned so much together. We love the little person you are becoming! Momma and daddy love you so much, bug! We can’t imagine life without you in it! Happy birthday!