Super Laid Back Thanksgiving

Super Laid Back Thanksgiving

We had a super laid back Thanksgiving.

We started with a dinner with Tyler’s family before the holiday began. We love to meet up at a Mexican place in their town (about 25 minutes away from us), and what a surprise….more family was in town, so we had a big old table.

Remi is loving cousin Hattie being more alert and sitting up. And it was great to see cousin Rashelle.


It’s blurry of Remi, but I love Uncle Joe’s smile here. He’s had a hard year, losing his best friend (Tyler’s grandpa) and his wife, sweet Aunt Verlene.  But he’s doing well, and I just loved seeing him smile as Remi played with him.


On Thanksgiving, we actually let Jeff’s Clubhouse (a local restaurant) do most of the cooking, buying their meal package. We still made some desserts and sides, but they made the turkey, dressing, macaroni and mashed potatoes. It was weird but great to not wake up early and start cooking.

Instead, we hung out in our pajamas and watched the parade!


Mimi and Gigi came over early, so we all hung out. Remi got horse rides on Gigi…


And she danced with Mimi…


And what’s a holiday without some forbidden food? She LOVES butter (comes by it honest, I used to try to eat butter as a kid!), so Mimi let her take a bite out of the stick! ha!


We ate our meal and then played some Candyland! It’s fun that she’s getting big enough for game time.


We ended the evening just being together- watching movies at home.


On Friday, we helped Mimi put up her Christmas tree and did some more snuggling and relaxing.


These two in their matching hats was precious. Love them!


I also spent some time basking in the beauty of our Christmas tree.


We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well! We have MUCH to be thankful for!

Seeing Frozen Junior

Seeing Frozen Junior

Our local community arts school put on Frozen Junior, so we took Remi to see it. We have to make her a theater lover one show at a time! ha!

These kids are SO talented and they do a great job!  A friend of mine that I made doing local theater is the director, and she really is amazing with the kids and helps them put on a fantastic show.

We settled in before the show.


This was cute.  Along with Anna and Elsa, there was an ice chorus that acted like Elsa’s powers. This was them building the ice castle. So creative!


After the show, Remi TOOK OFF to go hug the cast. She loves meeting characters! And thankfully, Elsa was very welcoming to her.


Such fun adventures together!

Friendsgiving 2019

Friendsgiving 2019

Our group of friends threw out the idea for a Friendsgiving, and Tara jumped on it. She said she always envisioned a long table down the middle of her living room, so that’s just what she did!

Rebecca awed us all with this GIANT charcuterie spread (which covered the end of the countertop!) We could have stopped here and all been happy.


Tara set the cutest kid’s table with markers (which Remi TATTLED on Lillian, “She’s writing on the table!” haha…it’s ok Remi!).


And any party at their house involves getting out the lizards (or as Remi calls them, the dinosaurs!)


We had a whole table of desserts in the living room…


And her super cute banner in the living room!


A perfect table setting with our names on our places.


The boys played nerf guns and video games, while the girls tore up Amelia’s room with toys. But crazy enough, we didn’t really hear any bickering from them!


It was a perfect night of food, laughter and friendship.


It is such a blessing to have friends to do life with, and we have so much to be grateful for!

Turkey Day Fun

Turkey Day Fun

Before the main Thanksgiving event, we got to have a little more fun!

Remi recovered from the flu (and after a few well days at home, since the doc said it’s super contagious), she was ready for her school party!

They always do the cutest pictures! Our little Indian!


They set up a huge big table, complete with real glass plates and glasses for the kids.


I was home sick, so Mimi saved the day going to her party. She had been talking about us going to her “chicken day” lunch, so I know she wanted us there for turkey day.


We also went to my dad’s nursing home dinner. They always do a really nice meal for residents and their families. Remi had to help feed grandpa! It was sweet!


And we had to snap our picture. Love my daddy so much.


It’s wonderful to celebrate the things we are thankful for!