Remi’s First Hair Cut

Remi’s First Hair Cut

It was time to trim Remi’s hair…but she didn’t seem to want to cut it. She’s been to the salon with me once and wasn’t interested.

But then she started talking about cutting her hair, so I made us an appointment.

She’s 3, and her hair is so long and beautiful, but it could use some even ends.

This was the night before!


When the time came, she was a bit apprehensive. In fact, she cried the whole way to the salon because she was worried it would hurt. When we got there, I ambushed her and cut off a piece quickly when she wasn’t looking to show her it didn’t hurt.

So she climbed into Melinda’s chair and got it cut. Watching my phone during the cut calmed her right down.


We only took off a couple of inches. She was proud of herself (and she got a new Frozen Elsa brush to mark the occasion!)


Sick Days

Sick Days

Unfortunately, Remi caught the flu bug. One Friday evening, I noticed her eyes looked sick (Tyler laughed, but this is mom-truth, right? You can see it!), and then she wouldn’t eat her dinner…and she got fussy. I checked, and she had fever.

She got worse overnight, so on Saturday morning, we headed to the new pediatric urgent care here (thank goodness for them!).  Poor girl just wanted to lay down. I rubbed her back waiting on the doctor, and when the doctor came in all masked up, I knew her flu test was positive.

She had flu A. The doctor just told us to hydrate and treat symptoms.

Poor girl got sick in the car on the way home (probably just the fever medicine on an empty tummy) and then rested for a couple days.


We did lots of snuggling and watching Toy Story 4.


And then she passed something on to me, because I had fever for a day or so.  My flu test was negative, but I felt pretty crummy.


But the sweetest was when I was sick, she told me that she had some surprises for me to make me feel better- then she brought me this book and a necklace. It sure did help!


Thankfully, Tyler stayed well and we are allll better in time for Thanksgiving.

Teacher Brittney

Teacher Brittney

I recently onboarded with VIP Kid to make some extra money teaching English to children in China. I had heard of it, but the push to sign up happened for two reasons: 1) we had recently looked at our budget and needed some extra money for some projects, and 2) I had a friend who signed up and she was able to explain the entire thing to me.

It was a process to get started with them.  You signed up online, did a short video and then waited. Then they invited you to do a demo class. I took an online webinar to learn more about the process (they have a very particular way of teaching their material), and then I had to try THREE TIMES to pass the demo class. But I did!

You teach classes one-on-one to kids in China. VIP Kid gives you all the materials- but you do have to set up your “classroom” area in your home, have a headset, a computer with a webcam, and then have some stuff to help teach (like a puppet and some props to go along with the lesson- which are easy because we have so many toys around our house).

I taught 7 classes my first week! It’s been mostly fun (a couple kids have seemed really disinterested, which makes me sad. Their parents make them learn English, but one girl was so busy doing homework, she wasn’t very engaged. I hated that they were so busy and pushed).

The classes happen late at night/early in the morning, since they are live, to go along with Beijing after-school time.  My prime time slots have been 4-5 a.m.

I am a morning person, so I don’t really mind it.  I hope this helps me earn some extra money for our family.


If you’re interested in signing up, use my referral code to check it out!


Picture Perfect Memories

Picture Perfect Memories

I have snapped some pretty perfect moments lately.

Let’s start with this silly little girl. She’s so funny.  She loves laying in her tent (with her sleeping bag and pillow) and watching movies. This particular day she also needed her Skye blanket as well.


She and I wore our cowboy boots to church one Sunday and she said she also needed a cowboy hat. We didn’t have one….but you better believe her Gigi solved that problem!

She picked out this black hat (not the pink one!).


We ran over to Poteau really quickly one Saturday because my mom wanted a shirt she saw on Queen B’s instagram….and Remi needed to take a picture with the car. It has a crown and eyelashes and she loved it.


Tyler went hunting/camping, so we went to see our friends. Too much time at home alone and we go crazy. Tara hosted us for a craft night and let the girls play (I mean, destroy) her home.

Remi (who got hot and took off her shirt) and Amelia were precious watching TV.


And Tara made us a great spread of snacks. Hanging low key with friends is my fave. And Caroline brought bubbly. Yes, please.


And Tara taught me how to use her Cricut to make decorations for a wedding shower at work. Now I need one! Loved it!