Wardrobe Words Week 1 Recap

Wardrobe Words Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of Wardrobe Words is done! We’ve reallllly enjoyed digging in our closets and creating looks around these words. I have two coworkers playing along for sure (and if anyone out there wants to join us- come on along!)


  1. Nautical. I did some blue/white stripes, but then to me right now, nautical means cruising! We are headed on an Alaskan cruise this summer (Coronavirus be darned!), and so I’ve been adding a few pieces to my wardrobe to pack, and this cozy oversized sweater is one I can’t wait to wear on the boat. So it’s nautical to me!


2. Preppy! A floral blazer with a gingham scarf and a clean, white shell were preppy for me!


3. BRIGHT. This is Donna and Paige- two of the sweetest people you’ll ever know that I’m blessed to see every day!  Donna has an amazing wardrobe because she’s spent a lot of time in Africa for missions- and this skirt is one of those unique pieces!  I love our bright looks here!  This dress is one that I bought but hadn’t worn yet (in like a year of it hanging in my closet).  I got lots of compliments, and was told I looked like a pinata, in a good way! ha!


4. SOUTHERN. I went gingham (second time this week, yes!) and a tied chambray shirt. I also rocked some pearls, because that feels southern belle to me.


Paige did a cute tied shirt and her boots, while Donna (with her AMAZINGLY long never-been-cut hair) was in cute pigtails with a denim skirt.


5. MONOCHROMATIC.  I went with all green. Camo and a green suede shirt. I usually wear these camo pants with a jewel tone- like a burgundy- and I felt a little off in the green, but I think it worked!


Paige did classic all black, and Donna went with pinks head to toe


6. FAVORITE.  So I did my favorite band- Hanson!  And I’m PUMPED to be fitting into this shirt again (it’s a fitted medium). I also wore my leopard TOMS, my favorite shoes, but I didn’t get a pic on my way out the door. 🙂


Can’t wait to see what we put together next week!

Another Exciting Weekend

Another Exciting Weekend

We packed a lot into the weekend.

I got to sleep in on Saturday, thanks to Nancy keeping Remi for Valentine’s day! Then mom and I headed to Fayetteville to see Once on This Island.

It was on Broadway back when we went to the Tony Awards- and it won best revival! We didn’t know much about it, but I’m so glad we got to go see it!

It’s a very unique show with a touching story.


Mom and I did a little shopping (of course! It’s what we do!) and some eating and then headed back home.

Sunday, it was a beautiful day, so after church and nap, we all went outside! Remi asked to play with LOTS of things- fishing, her kite and the park. So we started in our backyard. She played on her playground while Tyler got the 4 wheeler ready….


Then we drove down to the pond.


She was bummed we didn’t catch any fish, but she’s doing well learning to cast!


But we enjoyed the time together!


Next stop was the park!  We attempted flying the kite, but it wasn’t windy at all, so that was a bust. But we did play and I also had packed us a picnic dinner, so we enjoyed that as well.


I love our family time together. It’s always a blessing!

Catching Up on The Week

Catching Up on The Week

We had a sweet week, with extra special stuff for Valentine’s Day!

Remi had her party at school, and she looked EXTRA cute in her sweet outfit (her 2nd year to wear it…my fave!).  She loved her party and was very excited to give cards to her teachers, too!


Our Nene sent her a dress up set for Valentine’s Day and she was SO pumped about it.  She put everything on- and she was a mermaid bride (a “marry” she will say!)


I’m on our work Fun Committee, and I had the job of picking up the heart donuts for our team. It made me very happy to know that I was going to make everyone so happy. It’s the small joys, friends!


We’ve all been stuffy this week. And I decided one night to try and sleep off the crud, so I went to bed early.  I told Tyler and Remi goodnight at like 7:30 and went to bed. A few minutes later, my doorknob turned and Remi came in. Sweet girl brought me one of her lovies to make me feel better! Her caring heart is so beautiful!


Life is good!

Valentine’s Dinner Date

Valentine’s Dinner Date

Tyler and I took advantage of Valentine’s being on a Friday with a fun date night. One of our favorite brunch spots, Jeff’s Club House, hosted a special dinner, and we jumped on it!

I LOVE their food. During the week, it’s just a soup/sandwich lunch spot. But they do an AMAZING Saturday brunch, and then we also had them do our Thanksgiving dinner and it was SO GOOD, so we knew we were in for a treat!

It was a 6 course fantastic meal. We only had to choose between chicken or steak (and we did our usual and went halfsies and shared them!).  I even told the waitress to surprise me with a cocktail, because I loved not making any decisions.

Our first course was a delish cheese board. Who doesn’t love that?


Then we got a great triple berry salad. And I got bonus berries because Tyler isn’t a fan.

Our third course was OMG goog- chipotle corn chowder. We licked the bowls clean!  I was feeling full after the soup, but we were only halfway through!


The 4th course was an appetite cleanser- blood orange sorbet topped with champagne! It was so unique and refreshing and fancy!


For the entree, I started with the steak.  When we do halfsies, we start with our favorite and eat half, then trade.  However, neither one of us finished our meals. We took about 1/3 of eat to go.

They were both so delicious.  The creamiest mashed potatoes, wonderful veggies and perfectly cooked meats. No complaints here!


THANK GOODNESS dessert was light- just some truffles and fruit. We were SO full.


We picked up a Redbox movie (and I passed out!).  Full bellies, full hearts. Love this man of mine. We’ve come a long way in the last year together, and I’m eternally thankful for him and that we have fought so hard for our marriage.