Fun Day at Silver Dollar City

Fun Day at Silver Dollar City

We got passes to Silver Dollar City for Christmas, so we wanted to start using them! Tyler had Good Friday off, so we decided to head up to Branson for the day.  We tried a there-and-back trip….which wasn’t too bad. Remi was EXHAUSTED and slept the whole way home, but she did well all day.

It was her first time at SDC. It’s a special place for me. Sure, lots of people love it, but I worked there for 2 summers during my teenage years, so it’s a VERY special place for me. I literally know it like the back of my hand. For two summers, we ate most every meal there, played there, worked there, got to experience the park when it was closed (both before and after hours)…so it was special to take her there.

We got to the park, parked, got a cinnamon roll (one of my must-eats!) and saw the pogo stick show! They jumped SO high.

She was enthralled with everything. I love her zest for life. Everything is exciting, including these big wind chimes.


Caitlyn and I got on the new coaster- Time Traveler. It was SO good.


Then we met up with everyone for lunch. This festival was the Festival of Wonder, which included a big hall full of food stalls- and we all sort of sampled things for lunch. LOTS of yummy options!  Some of our faves: BBQ nachos, crab-topped waffle fries, pulled pork mac and cheese grilled cheese, and a bang bang shrimp waffle cone.


After lunch, we took Remi to the kids area to ride rides. She was PUMPED, then got a little scared, and bless her, she white knuckled through a couple rides.

The balloons was NOT her fave, but she insisted on trying another ride after.


The puppy dogs was her fave, I think.  It was hard to tell sitting behind her.


We all hit up the train next! Remi had to take a quick potty break while waiting for the train, and we found her a superhero cape and mask on the way back. (They have the neatest shops around the city!). She LOVED being Super Remi!


Next up was the carousel. Also not sure about that.


Then we all headed to wait in line for the big fire show- Phoenix Fire. We had to wait a bit, which made her get antsy, but the show was GREAT.


After the show, we hit up the candy shop and ice cream shop (ALL THE FOOD). Remi was SO EXCITED for her ice cream.


While we waited on the tram to take us back to our cars, we took some family photos.

Remi girl LOVES these cousins!


And we love our girl!


She slept 95% of the drive home. Once we got in the car, she was eating a snack and recapping her day and then she promptly passed out, holding her popcorn bag.

She slept until our bathroom/food stop, woke up to potty then went back to sleep before she could eat any of her food.

When we got home, she asked to go to bed. Bless her. She tried to nap in her stroller at SDC and just couldn’t- too much going on- but she was a sweet kiddo all day until we got in the car and she just passed out.

I’m SO glad we got to spend this fun day together! We will be back, Silver Dollar City!

All the Fun Recently

All the Fun Recently

Here’s the update of the week before Easter! (Yes, I’m a little behind on posting….it’s fine).

Remi girl wore this SWEET dress to church on Palm Sunday. I LOVED it. I may or may not have purchased it like a year ago, and then forgot about it. I’m glad she can wear it now.


The Monday after our big potluck, she couldn’t hang on the way to school. She asked for the balloon from Amelia’s birthday and then passed out. She usually doesn’t sleep on the way in, but that particular Monday, she couldn’t hang.


Mom and I went to Fayetteville to see Waitress! We originally had tickets for Tulsa, but they are for Easter weekend, so we sold those and bought ones in Fay.  We had a fun evening- shopping, dinner at the new Cheers at the OPO (VERY good if you’re local!), and then the show.  I saw Waitress when it was in Broadway previews, but this production was as good as the original cast.


Remi got to dye Easter eggs at school! She was pretty excited about it!


And then they had a big Easter egg hunt and party! I don’t have any pictures from her hunt, but she talked ALL about finding the eggs and putting them in her basket. And our school does an amazing job of taking pictures of the kids for each holiday.



So many fun things! And we have a VERY exciting Easter weekend planned!

Celebrating Friends is FUN

Celebrating Friends is FUN

We had THE MOST fun celebrating our friend Amelia’s 3rd birthday!  Amelia is the daughter of my friend Tara, so I got to spend time with my girls at the party!

Gotta love when we have more fun than the kids!

(Side note: Tara did an AMAZING job with the decorations!)


There were balloons, which the kids LOVED. I love how simple they are- yay balloons! 


Look at these cute decorations in her kitchen!


More balloon joy!


They have a bearded dragon, and Heath got it out for the kids to pet. Remi LOVED it.  After he put it back, she asked to “pet the dinosaur” again.  I died.  She was so brave touching it. 


These cupcakes were SO good.  


The kids sat at a cute little table to eat. Remi kept going back to eat more.  She was serious about her party treats!


It was so sweet to see everyone playing as Amelia opened her toys.  This is three of our friend’s girls- it just makes me happy to imagine that they will become good friends, too!  (Our 4th friend, Rebecca, only has older boys.)


Remi is quickly learning that birthdays, even if they aren’t her own, are VERY fun. 

Brunch Potluck

Brunch Potluck

We had our second friend potluck, and it was a HUGE success.

We did a brunch theme, and y’all, my friends made AMAZING things: muffins, hashbrown casserole, monkey bread, croissants, mimosas….we had a FEAST.

But more than that, we had SO MUCH FUN.  We had a record of 34 people at our house- and thank goodness, it was nice outside, so we could send the kids to play.

We blew up Remi’s bounce house, which was a hit for the littles.


The bigger kids (mostly boys) played outside with a football, while the dads visited outside.


There was also much swinging and jumping.


I said this last time, but it’s been SUCH A BLESSING to just open our home.

Our house isn’t fancy or impressive.  I don’t deep clean.  I don’t make gourmet food (this time, I made a quiche, some lemon monkey bread and frozen waffles and frozen chicken strips).  But just inviting people in, visiting, letting our kids play….it’s perfection.