Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

My sweet friend Amber is getting married soon, so we headed to Hot Springs to celebrate her.

We gathered at one of the bridesmaid’s family’s condo on a Friday night and hung out.

Then I enjoyed a mimosa watching the sun come up over the lake.


We made breakfast and then made Amber wear an obnoxious veil to the nail salon.


Everyone got pedicures (well, not me. I had just gotten one, so I got my nails done) and I was SO HAPPY at the nail salon. It’s the same place I used to go in high school and college, and they remembered me and were SO nice to me. Filled my love tank.


We went back and had lunch at the condo then we walked around downtown for some shopping.

We did a wine tasting at the winery and that was fun!


We came back and got all fancy for dinner.

I loved the big champagne balloon. And anytime I can wear sequins, I’m going to.


We took some self-timer pics on the patio.


OBU friends/Tri Chi sisters.


Hanson friends. 🙂


We went out to eat and enjoyed ourselves, then we came back and did some fun games.

Sunday morning, we all decided to be bummy and went for a casual breakfast. But not before a silly picture on the porch.


Can’t wait to celebrate Amber and Damion in a few weeks!

Hanson at the KS State Fair

Hanson at the KS State Fair

I have been looking forward to this show for months now, and it didn’t disappoint!

This was Tyler’s second show, but I feel like it was a better experience than the first (at a beer/wine festival- it was a little crazy).

We went in when doors opened and got a GREAT spot on the floor.


We had shirts made. His said “I’m here because I love my wife and my wife loves Hanson” and mine is lyrics “All my friends are here, I don’t want to go home”


Tyler stepped out to grab us drinks and they were all giant. Oh well. Bring on the fun.


We were pretty excited.


The show was fantastic. They played like 1.5 hours. The weather was great. I always love a concert in the wind and watching the moon come out was nice. Tyler actually enjoyed some of the music, and I loved having him there.

Some concert shots:


SO happy. My band. My love.


After the show, we went out for food and then came back in for the DJ set. We didn’t stay too long because we were on our feet all day, but it was a GREAT show.

Kansas State Fair!

Kansas State Fair!

I made an entire post for the Kansas State Fair (without the concert) because we spent several hours there and ate a LOT of food I want to talk about. 🙂

When we arrived, we were in awe of how big it is.  Our local Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair is more like a county fair, but this is bigger than the one in Little Rock. It was HUGE.

We parked pretty far away and got pretty hot walking in and we were hungry- ready for food and a cold drink.

I got an ear of roasted corn (yum!) and Tyler got philly cheese steak fries- and we shared some cajun fried pickles.

We ate them inside the swine barn- because it was shaded and we found a table and chairs along a wall.  Nothing like eating with the pigs- but it didn’t bother us! ha!


We walked around and saw the animals and then watched them showing some tiny goats. They were so cute!


As we walked around, we decided we needed ice cream, so we got some! This place was making homemade cones and dipping scoops of delicious homemade ice cream.


We walked through art entrees, saw them auction off carved wooden furniture, explored the trade show hall, and watched people playing fair games.

After the concert, we were hungry again, so I got a Pronto Pup. Everyone said this is the fair staple- it’s NOT a corn dog. The breading isn’t made of corn. It was a wheat, more like an unsweet pancake. I liked it, but I think I liked a corn dog better.


Tyler sought out an item new to the fair this year- a Roni dog- hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese and bacon.

He also tried some chocolate covered bacon and I got a Dole Whip for dessert. #treatyoself


We had a great time at the fair! It was a fun way to spend the day. Now I need to run a marathon for all the calories. ha!


Going to Wichita

Going to Wichita

Right before my birthday back in June, tickets went on sale to see Hanson at the Kansas State Fair. I googled, and it was outside of Wichita, which is like 5 hours away.

Tyler bought me tickets for the concert (at my request) and then he decided he would go with me (instead of me taking a friend or my mom).

We set off on Friday after work and enjoyed the drive.

We stopped in Tulsa for his favorite dinner at Los Cabos, then kept driving.


One downside was ALL the tolls: like $11 each way!

But the upside was staring at this sunset for hours. It was gorgeous to drive into it until the sun set.


We stayed at a super nice, new Hampton Inn. Tyler commented that it was one of the first hotels where he felt as comfortable as our house. The breakfast was AMAZING- more than usual. They had multiple types of waffles (banana bread, chocolate chocolate chip), fresh made yogurt smoothies, cold-pressed juices….it was delish!

Before we did the fair, we hit up Strataca, a salt mine museum that was 650 feet underground!

It was super neat- exceeded our expectations. You took a long elevator down (in complete darkness!) and then entered salt. Salt above you, salt around you- so much salt!

We learned about the process, the history, and the process of making rock salt. This is the same kind of salt you eat, but they don’t do the process to make this eating salt.

We got to take a little train ride and a tram ride around as well, seeing old mining areas and equipment.

And you had to wear a hard hat the entire time you were underground.


This was showing where the salt actually fell off the roof because of a layer of sediment separating. It sort of looked like the moon!


This was an old mining train. They say “What comes into the mine, stays in the mine” because it’s too expensive and time-consuming to remove stuff, so everything old is still down there.


Turns out the salt mines are the perfect temperature and no humidity, so they are great for storage. They store lots movie memorabilia, old tapes and digital files.


These were files of Friends tapes!


And they also have The Dorothy from Twister!


I would totally recommend this for anyone who was old enough to read and enjoy the exhibits. Super interesting!