Baby You’re a Firework

My lovely husband came home the other night and before I could say “Hi Honey” he said “I have a big surprise in my truck. Come help.”

Oh man. Surprise? Now, I don’t really like to be surprised. I think I don’t like being not-ready for something. Like the surprise going away party mom through for me when we moved in 9th grade? Went into a restaurant with all my friends there. Surprise! I hadn’t even put on makeup before we left. Not ready. And what if you don’t like the surprise? Then you have to fake excitement.

But man, was this surprise good.

Ty stopped by a fireworks stand having a 75% off sale and bought what retailed for $500 worth of fireworks! He brought me sparklers, and big fancy fountains. He even brought home one that was called “Flower Garden.” Tyler has NEVER given me flowers (go ahead, gasp. The husband who loves me unconditionally has a stance that flowers are impractical and he will never give them to anyone). But he said he picked out the “Flower Garden” just for me so he could “give me flowers”

Like fireworks are tons more practical than flowers. ha!

Its the thought that counts….right?


  1. HAHA! How cute!

  2. My husband had never given me flowers, either! We’ve been married for seven years, and he got me potted flowers for the yard. That’s it. He says the same exact thing. They die, they wilt, and they aren’t practical. Cute story! That’s the kind of fun surprise my husband would do, too! Found your blog through Jenna’s, and it is really cute. New follower!


  3. That is too funny! Men…ha!

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