Back in Time: The Morning I Found Out

I found out I was pregnant on January 30, 2016. I sort of thought I might be. I had been tired and emotional- but a lot was going on in my life (dad had emergency eye surgery, had been put in the hospital). I was a couple days late, but it was only my second cycle off birth control, so I wasn’t thinking much of it. I just figured I wasn’t in a rhythm yet. I thought I was feeling my cycle coming on, so I was going to wait it out.

But then Saturday morning happened.  I was home by myself (Tyler works on Saturdays) and was about to get ready to meet my mom and my sister Paula (who was visiting from out of town).I got a text from Alden, my bestie.”Are you pregnant?” it said.  I immediately responded “No why?” and she said “I had a very vivid dream you called to tell me you were.”  I told her I was a couple days late, but I thought I was just irregular.  She said “Gotcha. Well don’t be afraid to call and tell me you are when it happens!”

Well, I freaked out.  Enough to take a test.  I had some cheap tests from Amazon that came bundled with some ovulation tests.  Two pink lines.  I texted Alden back. I decided I needed a better test. So I went do the Dollar Store in our little town. Well, tests there are behind the counter. I had to ASK for a pregnancy test! The lady wished me good luck as I left.

I came home and took it. Two pink lines. I was home alone and was texting Alden because I was freaking out a little bit…but had to go meet mom and my sister for the day. I couldn’t say anything because I wanted Tyler to be the first one to know (well, after Alden.  I did text her).

Tyler wasn’t home and wouldn’t be until the afternoon. I tried not to panic. So many emotions. We didn’t expect it to happen this soon, but this is what we wanted.  We had made plans (a cruise in April), plans I am happy to change. But let’s be honest.  Two pink lines have thrown me for a loop.

Back on New Year’s Eve, we toasted to all good things for this year.  Past years have had their struggles.  It was my wish for this year to be different.  And man, is this the start of that! I felt so many thoughts and fears.  But first I have to tell Tyler…



  1. Love your story! I freaked out too – partially for a different reason (I was young and dumb and single). But I think we all freak out and are insanely happy at the same time, it’s so scary and exciting! It must have been so hard not to tell your mom right away. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

    • You totally nailed the emotions- scary and exciting! It was SO hard that day. I left out- but we went to lunch at Jimmy John’s (and I knew about not supposed to eat lunch meat!) and then went to Savoy tea and bought decaf teas! That night my sister was drinking wine and kept asking me if I wanted a glass. Usually I would have, but wasn’t now…so I kept saying “nah, I’m gonna take an Ambien tonight” ha! SO funny to have to lie my way around all those little things all day!

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