Back on Land

We had a great time cruising. The plans didn’t go 100% the way we planned (the weather was too windy in Cozumel to snorkel…and I got a sinus infection and was sick one night), but it was a great time. I am working on gathering everyone’s pictures and will post those next week.

But I do have yesterday’s highlights to show you. We were driving home and had to stop. Our drive yesterday was 11 hours on the road…and it took us 13 hours total travel time (with stops and a stop in Dallas for Tyler to do a little motorcycle business). It was a long day. But there was a ray of sunshine in our drive.

We had to get gas/go to the restroom/get snacks and we were in south Texas. I saw a sign for a Shell station that also said “Jerky Capital of the World” Sounded interested. So we stopped.

It. Was. Epic.

Woody’s Smokehouse and gas station in Centerville, TX is amazing. It had not only tons of jerkies (beef, turkey, elk, buffalo, etc)…
It also had amazing smoked meats and cheeses. I got some elk summer sausage and smoke cheese that was THE BEST car snack. Beats Cheetos anyday.
There were also tons of pickles, jellies, sauces, marinades, seasonings and more goodies.
Tyler got some BBQ brisket there for a snack that was to die for. So tender and smoky and delish.

I am writing about this place at my husband’s request. As we were sitting inside enjoying his BBQ and our snacks, he said “Why aren’t you taking pictures of this amazingness? You HAVE to blog about this!” haha so here is my post devoted to the most amazing pit stop- Woody’s Smokehouse and their yummy goodies.

Cruise pics to come soon!

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