Back to NYC!

Back to NYC!

I know I just went to the Big Apple back at the end of February…but I’m headed back there next week!

I’m going for work to attend a conference, but don’t worry, I’m gonna have some fun while I’m there. 🙂

In the evenings when the conference is over, I’ll be hitting three different new shows.

I’m going to see Waitress, Tuck Everlasting, and Shuffle Along! SO excited.

I’m also going to enter the Hamilton lottery every night because I would ditch one of those shows to see it again. In a heartbeat.

So…all this to say, I can’t believe I’m going to New York twice in one year. So thankful. Especially since my wild travel days will be limited for a while (hey baby hey!), so I’m glad to get to go again.

So here’s to shows and safe travel!

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