Backyard Adventures

Backyard Adventures

With no where to go during this self-isolation time, we’ve been making a lot of fun in our own backyard. Literally.

Remi and Tyler have a new favorite thing to do together- 4 wheeler riding!  They’ve been riding down to the creek near our house and going on adventures-riding under the bridge, looking for snakes in the water! And when we go on long walks, they’ve been riding to visit us- which makes for a great break during the walk!


Warm Spring days call for water fun! This sprinkler was a favorite when she was more of a baby, but she still liked splashing in it!


On a Friday evening, we set up Camp Lee in the backyard. We roasted hot dogs and made s’mores for dinner!


Then she and daddy set up a tent and had a campout! We weren’t sure if she would actually sleep in there, but she did!


She was SO proud of herself when they woke up!  I’m glad they can have special time like this, especially after Tyler was “gone” for a month, self-isolating. They love each other so much and have memories to make up for!


Have you had any backyard adventures? Getting outside keeps us all sane and happy.

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