Bad Dream?

I had this terrible dream last night. It was about the Sugar Bowl. And in my dream, we played not so great, our receiver’s couldn’t catch a ball to save their lives, and we lost!

Oh wait…that wasn’t a dream. Boo.

Anyway, I’m no fairweather fan. I love my Razorbacks win or lose. I’m just glad we didn’t buy tickets and drag ourselves all the way to NOLA for that. Tyler and I really want to go to NOLA, but I’m glad our trip didn’t revolve around that game.

Oh well, there’s always next year. Who knows what our team will be like? We are losing some great seniors, and a couple of our players (including our quarterback) are NFL eligible.

Guess we will have to wait until the fall to find out! Now we are waiting on a couple more cheering opportunities: the National Championship where we will be cheering for Auburn (GO SEC!) and Miss America where we will be cheering on Arkansas as Miss Arkansas is a friend from childhood and college. Hopefully those two competitions will turn out better.

My favorite tweet from last night’s loss: Its ok that Arkansas loss the Sugar Bowl. We are going to win Miss America. Hope so!

How is your team doing this bowl season? Are you into pageants? (I LOVE them! and am so happy to know Miss Arkansas this year!)


  1. That was one of my favorite tweets from last night too!

  2. Miss Arkansas is the sister of a friend of my husbands! They went to the same high school 🙂 Even though I’m not from Arkansas, I’m secretly pulling for Alyse 🙂

  3. Oh, and I’m a pageant crazy mom. We were on TV once, haha.

  4. Florida had a great bowl game! 🙂 1st half…pretty boring but the 2nd was awesome and Urban got to go out on a win, which he deserved. Go Gators!

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