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Beauty secrets. Over at Kelly’s Korner we are sharing those today.
Well, I’m not sure I have any beauty “secrets.” More like beauty tips. The stuff I use isn’t special, its stuff from any drug store or Walmart. But its not necessarily the most popular products for everyday use, so I will show you some pictures of me to demonstrate the tip, then tell you all about it!
First off, for bold eyes, use eyeliner! (Photo courtesy of Ambient 11 Photography)
To acheieve this look, choose a long wear kohl eyeliner pencil. I like Maybelline Unstoppable in the blackest very black.

Then, line the whole eye. I know the camp is split on line the upper eye/line the bottom/line the whole eye…but I really think when I line my whole eye, that my eyes pop. Line very close to the lash line.

Next, for a fresh face all the time, use shimmer! This is my husband, me and a friend on a cruise we just went on. You can see the subtle shimmer in this photo.

For shimmer, I use a couple products. I think the shimmer keeps you looking fresh faced rather than cakey and tired. I also think the shimmer helps my makeup look nice all day. I LOVE Physician’s Formula bronzers. I apply it after blush to my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, and around the outside of my eyes towards my forehead. NOT on the top of my forehead and my chin. You don’t want to add shine to those shiny areas.

I just choose whatever bronzer matches closely to my skin tone for that season. Pick one with a little shimmer. Gold tones work best with my skin.

I also ALWAYS use a shimmery champagne colored eyeshow. Even if I apply another color on top, I start with the champagne. Be sure to apply it to the entire lid…all the way up to the brow bone to highlight that area….and put a little bit on the inside of the eye close to the nose to bring light to that shadowed area. I LOVE this color from Maybelline.

Lastly, I think white teeth top off your beauty. This is another Ambient 11 picture that Braeden (I’m college friends with the photographer) caught of me at a friend’s wedding. I think you can see how white my teeth are when compared to the white beads on my dress.

Now, I did use professional whitening in high school. But the effects of that are mostly gone. Now, I just use this AMAZING product. Its Arm and Hammer Whitening Booster. You just add it to your toothbrush with your toothpaste and brush. It foams up and feels great…and it boosts your teeth’s whitening! Voila! Pretty smile!

One last product. For dry skin patches (on my face, my body, wherever) you can’t beat Weleda Skin Food. I originally bought this at Walgreen’s, but I’m having trouble finding it again….so I ordered it online.

It is a thick creme, but you can put it on your face. I have dry spots from winter weather…or crusty (TMI I know!) areas from a zit healing or a curling iron burn healing…and a dab on this on that spot a couple times a day, and it is gone in a day or two! Magic!

Like I said, none of these products are crazy deep secrets, but I LOVE them all! Hope you saw something that might help you in your beauty routine!


  1. I do the exact same thing with my eyeshadow- start w/ a shimmery champagne. I use Stila Kitten. And I’ve been using Too Faced’s newest Shadow Insurance as my base- Candlelight- I bet you would like that too.

  2. LOVE these tips! Thank you!

  3. dudnt know about that whitening product!

  4. Enjoyed your post!!! i’ll be visiting your blog again soon! Keep posting! Come visit my blog sometime at!

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