Being Active Together

Being Active Together

When we first got together, we spent a LOT of time in front of the TV.


We binged watched DVD seasons of House, Dexter, and plenty of other shows.  We weren’t super active.  Tyler was (he would play tennis, ride dirt bikes, etc.) but I was pretty lazy (and out of shape.  And fat.)

On our honeymoon, we did some snorkeling and a little hiking…and it wore me plum out.

In grad school, during our first year of marriage, I started to seek a healthier lifestyle and we bought bicycles.  It didn’t go well.  On our first outing on the bikes, I passed out a mile or so from home.  Literally passed out cold on the trail.

But I kept going. I started doing more Zumba, workout classes, running….and eventually we created an active life together.

It’s one of my favorite things to do together.

We go on walks, we play tennis, we spent time outside exploring.  We’ve been kayaking, hiking.  We are active.

Last night after church, it was nice out and we both had on workout clothes (I had walked earlier at home, he had been working outside at his mom’s)….so we decided to hit the trail in town and we walked 2 miles before going home.

I know that may not seem like a big deal to some, but when I think of the girl I was 5-6 years ago when we first got married, she would have HATED spending an hour walking outside, even if it was with her awesome husband.

Now, I wish we had more daylight (and bugspray) to walk further and longer.

It’s great being active together, and I don’t take it for granted.


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