Best Thanksgiving Recipes

We do Thanksgiving at my mom’s….but I do a lot of the cooking.  Mom does the turkey, but I will always do some sides and desserts.
In case you are wanting to find some new recipes for your Thanksgiving gathering, these are ones we have tried and loved.  These are the best Thanksgiving recipes (in my opinion!)
Let’s start with side dishes. For an easy, yummy side dish, my creamed corn is always a hit! It is super easy but yummy (I mean, who doesn’t love cream cheese?)
We used to make sweet potatoes with maple syrup and marshmallows…and then we discovered Paula Deen’s sweet potato casserole.  To die for, y’all.
For desserts, I make a signature dessert at the holidays: German apple cake.  Mine is 99% identical to this one (but I add 1/2 cup chopped nuts to the batter).  But top it with homemade cream cheese icing…it’s a must. 
For the main dish, we always make turkey. But sometimes when we are expecting a bunch of people, I will make a ham to go along with the turkey.  And I’m telling you, Alton Brown’s City Ham recipe is THE BEST.  Everyone loves it.  It is covered in brown mustard, bourbon, gingersnaps, and brown sugar.  And now my mouth is watering. If you are making a turkey, my mom only ever makes hers in an oven bag and she bastes with orange juice.
And we always serve some snacks.  Nothing fancy…just dips and such.  We usually have a Wind Willow cheese ball there.  We have had the S’mores, Tiramisu, and their Bacon Ranch dip, and they are all good.
Another favorite dip is the Knorr Spinach dip. We love it with crackers before the big meal.  I mean, when all that yummy food is cooking and you are smelling it, you get hungry.  You gots to have snacks.
So those are some of our family’s faves.  What are “must haves” at your house for Thanksgiving?  Let me know if any of these sound yummy!  I have tried all of these recipes before, and they are hits at our house!


  1. It all sounds good! Gotta have my Mom’s dressing. I usually make a layered salad. Last year I tried something new. I had collard greens in my organic veggie delivery box, so I made creamed collard greens. Not bad!

  2. Haha, I did a post today on my Thanksgiving must haves, too! We both must have food on the brain, and why not? Turkey Day is less than a week away!

    And now I’m off to totally check out P.Deen’s recipe for sweet potatoes… I swear that Southern Living has the best recipe for it, but Paula has never steered me wrong either!

    • Great minds, sister. The only Paula Deen recipe I was not a fan of was her mac and cheese. Too many eggs. It was like scrambled eggs with pasta. But those sweet potatoes are awesome. Sometimes we double the topping and spread it out in two pans, just so we have more topping (because we all know crunchy toppings are the best part!)

    • Um yeah, we must totally be related.

      (guilty on doubling the sweet potato topping)

      The Pioneer Woman has a great “fancy” mac n cheese dish that can be eaten as a MAIN dish, it is so decadent! And, did I forget to mention… it has BACON in it!

      I’m off to lick a cookbook somewhere…

  3. chess pie is usually my go to when i’m asked to bring something…this year we are bringing jamie’s homemade bread though yummo!! if you have never tried a chess pie – it’s kinda like a custard or buttermilk pie…so yummy! i use jamie’s mimi’s old recipe 🙂

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