The Best Weekend

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Friday after work, Alden (my bestie!) met me in town and we headed to NWA to celebrate with our friend Kayla for her bachelorette party!

We started with getting our nails done. (Mine turned out awful. They did a french manicure in Shellac…which apparently you can’t do. I didn’t know, I’ve never done Shellac. Needless to say it came off before I got home that night. Oh well, it was fun nonetheless).

This was everyone at the salon. Kayla is in the orange.
Then we headed to Shoguns for yummy dinner. We got Kayla all dressed up in a veil and sash and such. We had a great meal and laughed and talked. So fun!
Then Alden and I drove all the way to Hot Springs that night. We got to my parents house around 12:30 a.m.

We slept until about 9:30 Saturday morning and then headed to the pool.

We layed out all day from about 10:30 -3:30 (with a short lunch break). We worked on our tans (me a little too much! Got a little burnt on my back and forehead).

Then we all got ready to head to Miss Arkansas! This was Alden, Caitlyn (my cousin) me and mom.
We had a yummy dinner at On the Border then went to cheer on our friends. It was SO EXCITING because our friend and Tri Chi sister Kristen Glover is the new Miss Arkansas!!

This was all the Tri Chis gathered at the side of the stage afterwards.
Sunday, Caitlyn got baptized at church! It was so great to be able to be home for that! I’m so proud of her! Then we had lunch and came back home.

A full, busy weekend…but spending it with my best friend, family, and other friends having so much fun was just perfect!


  1. Sounds like FUN! hey i just got a french with shellac and it turned out great! maybe they did something wrong? i posted pics of mine on my blog last friday and their still going strong! maybe have someone else try it. I had mine done at Foxy’s in town. =) you look great!!! love that blue strapless dress!!

  2. Lots of fun!! My niece was a princess in the Miss Arkansas! wish I could have went but we were in fl. We are headed to hot springs this weekend. Sounds like a fun time with the girls!

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