My best friend Alden was in town.  Her family lives about 30 minutes away and when she is off school (she is a sign language interpreter at a high school in East Arkansas) she comes home to visit….which means visiting me!
We had a fun Monday night!
She met me after work and we did some shopping.  First stop was Best Buy where we both bought some DVDs (I got some classics from the cheap DVD bin: All Dogs Go to Heaven, and The Sandlot to name a couple).  We hit up Target (where we surprisingly left empty handed), Ulta for some face wash for me (we both left with some “Capital Colors” nail polish inspired by the Hunger Games.  We are obsessed), and then we ate dinner.  We talked, gossiped, ate chips and salsa, and had dinner at Chili’s.  We haven’t seen each other since Christmastime, so we had lots of face to face catching up to do.  After dinner, we hit up Kohl’s where we both got some great deals (I got 4 pairs of pants for $40!) and then we stopped for froyo. 
Our local little froyo place, Goody’s, has the GoodyCam- a camera inside that takes pictures and uploads them to their facebook… we got a little memento of our fun evening together!
I love you bestie!  I am going to HATE when your family moves away and our visits become less frequent….but you will always be my soulmate! 🙂


  1. Sounds like a fun night! And froyo sounds amazing right now!

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