Big Girl Things

Big Girl Things

There are so many times lately that I look at Remi and think “How are you so big?”

She’s independent and fearless. And she can be so well-behaved that I forget she’s only 2! (Trust me, I remember when she’s throwing a fit over gummies!) but here lately, I’m just taken aback by her.

We went to get an after school snack the other day and she was just SO BIG.  She got fries, and she was just the best.  She patiently waited and talked to me about her day. Then she took her jacket off and started dipping her fries in ketchup. She also ate my lettuce from my bunless burger. ha!  She just sat and ate and talked and was just SUCH A BIG GIRL.

(Then she melted down because the Frosty we got wasn’t in a cone. See, still two!)


After that visit, we met some friends at the Monkey House (where momma was quickly told “NO MOMMA NO JUMP”) and then after, we went to grab dinner together (Tyler was working).  We stopped at hibachi/sushi and she was just SO GOOD. She sat in her chair waiting for dinner. She was telling me about everything in the restaurant (“Look at that, momma!  That kitty waving!  Look at that, momma!  That light momma box!” – the hanging lantern looks like a boxing bag at my gym)

Then she took the big fork and ate her plate of noodles (dipping them into yum yum sauce!) and most of my broccoli and carrots!


It’s just so fun to be here for the ride as she grows up!

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