Big Impact

So yesterday, a string of events were totally unnecessarily stressful.

Without going into too much boring detail, I was on a 40 minute phone call, ran two errands, had to call, beg and plead to have the simple situation handled.

Allow me to explain.

My birth control was restarting a cycle today (TMI?) and I needed a new pack. Well, I use a mail order pharmacy with my insurance…and I knew I had one left. Well, when I went to start it, it was marked as expired last month. Boo.

So I got on my Walgreens app to get a refill there for the time being. I went to pick it up and they couldn’t fill the prescription because it was old. And my doctor was helping birth a baby.

And when I called the mail order pharmacy to send more refills, it took a frustrating 40 minute phone call.

I called my doctor’s office to get a sample or prescription for today, and was given the runaround.

All this makes for one stressful Brittney.

Was it the end of the world? Not in the least.  I would live if I didn’t have this medicine right away. In all honesty, if I would have checked my “stash” weeks ago, we wouldn’t have this problem because I could have had it filled before I needed it (so it’s really my fault anyway).

But, in all of this, I realize that I let these little things affect me.  I was stressed all afternoon waiting for a resolution. I overate the cake that was at work because I was stressed (stupid stress eating!).  I let myself get all worked up on a situation that wasn’t even that important.

Now, I am proud to say that in dealing with all those people in stressful situations, I think I handled myself well.  I didn’t snap at anyone, didn’t get ugly, and kept my control. But I let it get to me. 

All this to say this: We never know what is the “big thing” affecting someone. For me yesterday, it was just getting my darn birth control filled.  Silly? Yes. Important to me. Yes. 

I need to be more mindful and sensitive of the little and big things that are going on in the lives of those around me.  What “little things” had a big impact on my husband? My friends? My coworkers?

I need to take more time to be present and involved in the lives of others. I want to help them through their big things, not stand in their way.  Lord, help me to be patient, caring, and listening like you.


  1. You are all of those things! It’s always a great way for me to deal with people. You just never ever know what they are going through and I always try to remind myself that.

    • Aw thanks Brandy! It was a great reminder to me yesterday after feeling stressed…that so many other people feel the same way and I don’t pay attention. 🙂 You are also great at those things, too!

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