Big News (20 Acres Big)

So I hesitate to post this, because there is still a chance something won’t work out….but Tyler and I are working towards closing on 20 acres of land!

We started looking a while back for some property. At first, we thought we would wait a few more years before we bought land and built a house, but my dad offered to supervise the building and serve as our contractor- he builds houses for a living (which saves us a TON….) so we could afford to do it now!

We looked and looked and looked some more for some land, and never found anything we loved. Well, then we found this piece of land. And just before Thanksgiving, we put in an offer…got a counter that was still to high…and decided to pray and wait. Well, during that wait, someone else made an offer and it was accepted. We were sooooo sad.

We had prayed that if this piece of land was for us, that it would work. And if not, that God would literally rip it from us. And He did (or so it seemed).

A couple weeks later, the offer went under as the people couldn’t get their loan. So the land was back on the market. And we made another offer, and got a counter that was much closer to what we wanted…and we took it!

We have gotten our loan, had a percolation test, and are working towards the appraisal and survey. Right now, closing date is set for January 21. And we have already worked on some house plans so dad will get started right away as soon as we can. Maybe, if everything goes well, we will move from the apartment to a NEW house on our land after graduation!

Here are some pics of the land. The afternoon I took them, it was dusk time, so they are a little dark.

The land is 20 acres with two big barns and two ponds. The owner had cows on the land, so there are cows and cow patties all over…but that stuff won’t be there long!

This is from the driveway…we have beautiful mountain views and those are the two barns.
The land is pretty much two level. The top has the barns and this picture is taken from below. We are calling it “the ridge” even though its just a sloping hill. Our home will be where those cows are standing to the right of the barns.
This is from the top looking down. The property line is that tree line in the back….that is one of the ponds, the bigger one. None of the trees are dead, they are just bare for the winter.
And this is from the driveway as well, looking at the entire top section. Our home will be to the left closer to the camera from the barns….So this picture will be from our front yard looking at the house.

We are so thrilled about this and are praying everything goes smoothly and works out and we close on the land so its ours! And we are also thankful to my dad who will supervise the home building to make all of this possible at this time. We are so blessed!


  1. Wow, 20 acres! I hope things continue to work out for you and go smoothly. Keep us updated!

  2. From the pictures, this land looks fantastic! Congratulations and I hope it all works out for you! 🙂

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