Big News!

I know in the last few months, I have asked for prayer, talked about anxiety, and been sort of secretive about what was going on in my life.
Well, the whole thing is settled, and now I can safely tell you that…
I have a new job!!
This was a terribly hard decision to make because the job I had was great.  They took a chance on me while I was finishing grad school, and really allowed me to learn, grow, and make decisions.  They were great to me.  I worked hard for them.  However, I felt unsettled in my heart.  This marketing job (while interesting and wonderful) was not fulfilling my heart.
I am a words girl.  I used to talk people’s ears off as a child.  I loved to sing because I love a good lyric.  In high school, I adored my senior English class because we read and wrote long papers.  In college, I majored in Mass Communication and Speech Communication because I love words (written, spoken, all of the above!).  This marketing job was strategic.  It was all business.  I don’t mind that, but my heart is more expressive.
A friend of mine urged me to apply for a job working at her husband’s department for ABF (more about this company at the bottom).  He works in digital marketing (what field my current job is in) but this position was to be a Marketing Coordinator and write.  Write.  That was the basic job responsibility.  Write for their many websites.  Write for their blogs.  Write, write, write all day.  Research topics and write about them.  I threw my hat in the ring after much debate and prayer (and some gentle urging from my sweet friend Rachael.  Her words of “God’s will for your life is more about who you are than what you do.  Be who He created you to be, follow that and the rest will be just fine” were the final push I needed to send in my application.)
Several weeks went by and I heard nothing more than the initial email asking for my resume minutes after sending in my application.  I waited.  I prayed that God would either clearly open the door, or slam it shut.  I got a call for an interview.  I was nervous.  I wore a turtleneck so they wouldn’t see my red splotchy-ness.  I prayed in the interview for the opportunity to connect and (in a humble manner) discuss my strengths.  I prayed that if I was the right fit, that the interviewer would feel it. 
I left there feeling like I was able to connect, discuss my strengths, and that it went well.  A couple more weeks went by.  Heard nothing.
Then another call for a second interview.  This one with more people.  I also felt like we “clicked” and I felt a calm in my heart.
They called to offer me the job on Friday.  With a bittersweet heart, I accepted.
I am so heavy-hearted about leaving my current job.  They have been so great to me, but I have to go where my heart is leading.  God opened this door for me, and He put my expressiveness in me.  I need to use that gift.  But for this opportunity, I am totally stoked.  I will start my job March 12.  I will be a copy writer for the MSI group (don’t know what MSI stands for yet!), a division of the ABF (Arkansas Best Freight) company, whose parent company is Arkansas Best Corporation.   That is a mouthful to say this:  ABF is a trucking company based in Arkansas.  ABF is publicly traded, but I will work for their U-Pack division, which is a private company.  U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” moving company.  I will be writing copy for their various websites, blogs, and articles for whatever they need.  I am so excited to start this venture.  The atmosphere will be a lot more “corporate,” working in a cubicle in a 4 story huge building.  I am not totally sure what to expect, but I am so glad to have the opportunity to do this!


  1. congratulations brittney that is exciting! can’t wait to hear more about your new job!

  2. Congrats girl!!! That is exciting!

  3. Yay!!! Congrats!!! God is good!

  4. Suzie told me about this Saturday night! I am SO excited for you!!!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Congratulations girl! I hope that you are happy and that you grow in your new job. Starting a new job can be so scary and so exciting at the same time-always look for the positive!! 🙂

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