Weekend Recap: Birthday Celebrations!

Weekend Recap: Birthday Celebrations!

Friday was my 28th birthday.  Who let me be an adult? I should be planning my 13th birthday, right?

It was a great day full of celebrations.

It started bright and early with a birthday message from Hanson. 🙂

Then I got to work and was greeted with Chicken Minis from Chick-fil-a thanks to my great coworkers. 🙂

And then my sweet coworker Leanna brought in my FAVORITE- an Italian cream cake!  It was DIVINE.

I met Tyler for birthday lunch, and then finished my work day.  After work, the family met at Bricktown Brewery for dinner.  The selfie stick helped take a group pic. 🙂

Mom got me a cute cake with #great28 and the Hanson logo. 🙂

After dinner, I had rehearsal- which was a fun way to spend the evening singing and learning music.


Saturday, I got up and walked the dogs before it got too hot. 

Then I got ready and went to a wedding with Rachel in Rusellville.  We got lunch at Stoby’s and I finally got to try Stoby’s cheese dip.

Saturday night we had a life group pool party.  Yay for the first trip into the pool this year!


Sunday was church, lunch and grocery shopping….and then I came home to a HORRIBLE smell in my garage.  Upon investigation, I realized the freezer wasn’t working…and all the meat was melted and rotten.  Ugh.


I had a migraine coming on, so mom came over and helped me clean it up.  It was GROSS.  Bagging up all the hot, wet meat…and throwing out hundreds of dollars of meat.  It was awful.

I was supposed to go to a meeting at church and a Tony Awards party, but by the time I got it cleaned up and then cleaned myself up (I smelled meaty and awful), it was too late for those things…so I watched the Tonys at home.


So that was the birthday weekend.  Lots of fun!

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