Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

You totally get to draw your birthday celebrations out. And for Remi that means lots of things.


First, it means getting birthday gifts in the mail, like this awesome book from Auntie Paula!


And then other fun, like this Paw Patrol tent and sleeping bag from great Aunt Tracey, which was delivered along with some fun from her other little cousins.


It means momma makes you Paw Patrol cupcakes on a Saturday morning. (They may look like a Pinterest fail, but she LOVED them!)


And then you get a special birthday shirt on the actual day and pose again with your big balloon!


And then after school, you get more presents (pajamas which she immediately layered on!) and a cupcake after dinner.


I can’t believe you’re 3, big girl! I hope you felt celebrated and loved beyond belief, because you are!

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