Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

I’m now officially in my 30s, instead of “being 30.”  Hello 31.

It was a great ride into a new year!  It started the weekend before with a WONDERFUL brunch at Jeff’s Club House.  I was initially wanting to meet a bunch of girl friends, but that weekend was somehow busy for most people (vacations, ball tournaments, etc). But that’s ok- I got to spend it with some amazing people- my mom, Remi, Tyler and my bestie Brandy.

Candid shot that mom will likely kill me for, but it was so funny to watch Remi eat this yogurt parfait like a big kid.

Brandy was so sweet to join us! I’m so thankful for her friendship!

And momma drove me so I could indulge in some mimosas at brunch. (Side note: locals- don’t miss the Saturday brunch at Jeff’s! SO GOOD)

It was precious how happy Remi was to see Dada during the day!

My actual birthday was on a Tuesday- so I had to work. But my sweet coworkers decorated my cubicle, gave me a sweet gift and took me for snowcones (my fave!) (Side note: after years of being loyal to coconut with cream, I have a new favorite.  Butterbeer: butterscotch and cream soda with cream. YUM)

I went to 9Round after work for my birthday burpees and a workout, then to mom’s for a cookout with the family. Tyler got me this GIANT pool float, which was perfect.

We ate ribs and pie (my request instead of cake), and had a great time. Tyler’s cousins and grandpa even came over- which was so sweet to watch Remi play with everybody in the pool. She loved it!

It was a great start to 31!

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