Birthday Party Fun

Birthday Party Fun

I know that the pandemic is affecting everyone differently. Some areas are VERY hard hit. I have had friends with positive tests. I hate having to start these posts with disclaimers, but I want to acknowledge that we know this is real and we are taking lots of precautions.

However, Remi is going to daycare. And so are ALL of these kids together. So when it came time to celebrate one of her best buddies, his parents decided to invite kids from school (they are together all week anyway). They had an outdoor party, so the parents kept socially distanced, but the kids had a BLAST. A bouncy house, playground, pizza, riding bikes, and then she gave them all ninja shirts and masks. They were instantly “on teams” and had fun playing together.

I am thankful we can do some fun things like this, in a time when so much is canceled or postponed.

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