Bit by the Vacation Bug

Bit by the Vacation Bug

Y’all.  I say this a lot, but I have the “I need to travel” itch.  But it’s particularly strong these days.  Beach photos on Facebook.  Friends on Instagram exploring Greece.  Coworkers taking fun summer trips.  It’s too much for my traveler’s heart to handle.

It’s been years since an actual big vacation.  We took a couple small trips in the last year, but even those feel far away. Our last getaway to the Boston Mountains here in AR was last summer.  A YEAR AGO.


We had to cancel our big vacation last fall because Tyler was in the police academy.  He will earn vacation time in August, and we plan on traveling in the fall.  And I’m pumped about that.

But at every opportunity, my mind is yearning to go.  Explore.  Make memories. Experience things.

I love my hometown. And I love exploring it.  There are things I want to do here- the museum, the historic homes tour, visiting hiking trails and area lakes. But there is something about packing a bag and hitting the road that I’m aching for.

And I have to watch myself.

I can mentally plan trips and then get let down when they don’t happen.

I’m getting a day off for the July 4th weekend, and I keep trying to mentally plan a getaway.  But Tyler has his year-end project to work on….so a trip isn’t really feasible.  He doesn’t need to spend days away from home right now while trying to wrap up his rookie year project.

But I’d just about give my right arm for a weekend trip to Branson at this point. Someone get me an adventure, stat.

I love Sarah’s outlook on micro-ventures, and I’ve been trying to cling to those small fun things….but this heart is yearning for a big adventure.  I guess I’ll just have to wait for the fall.

Anyone else feeling the pull of a getaway?


  1. Yes! I know I just got back from a cruise, but I didn’t get much relaxing beach time. I’m SO tempted to plan a trip to the beach before the kid goes back to school. Maybe our little lake swimming trip will help? (but probably not – I’m dreaming of Panama City Beach!)

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