Ok, so today was blah-ish. It started off great. I drove 40 minutes away to pick up some motorcycle parts for Tyler. I was blaring Hanson and having a great time.

I went to campus and had a meeting, and worked on thesis stuff. That was ok. It took longer than expected and I missed my workout. Boo for that.

To top it off, today I got a letter from my health insurance saying they don’t cover one of my doctors anymore. A doctor that I just saw last month. This letter also informed that they weren’t covering the $150 bill from last month. I called them and talked to them and got so mad I cried.

Then I came home, ate some dinner, and got out the sewing machine. (I picked it up earlier today). I thought a little creative time would make me feel better. I sewed for a few minutes (got half of my valance I’m making done) and it did the same thing it did last time. It freaked out. I KNOW I had it threaded correctly because it was sewing quite a bit, so I don’t think the repair man nailed the reason it was blowing fuses.

I am just bummed. I spent money on the machine, money to have it fixed, and still nothing. I don’t think I want to pay to have it repaired again, so I’m not sure what I can do with it. Maybe the repair shop will give me a refund since they didn’t fully fix it? Not sure.

I did finish the valance with some stitch witchery and my iron because I’m through messing with it. I like it. The L and R ends are sewn and the top and bottom are done with stitch witchery. It is black, brown, and tan.

Anyway, I’m just chilling at home waiting on Tyler to get here and watching Top Chef. I hope Angelo doesn’t win. I don’t like him very much. And I hope that tomorrow is better than today was.

God is good and His mercy is new every morning. I’m ready for tomorrow morning. New start. Thank God for those renewals.

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