Blessed Moments

Blessed Moments

I wish newborns slept longer. I’m thankful for Tyler being home for two weeks so we could take turns and both get some rest.

Our first few nights at home, there were some very blessed moments.

Sitting in this nursery that we worked so hard on and prayed over- rocking my baby to sleep was SO special. And I love that the dogs are so concerned and come sit with  us until she goes to sleep. 

Another sweet thing has been singing to her and watching her love music. I have sang hymns, a song that I listened to throughout my pregnancy called “I can’t wait to meet you” and of course, showtunes. A favorite has been “For Good” from Wicked. 🙂 I may have cried singing to her this night. Just watching her fall asleep in my arms. She’s here, she’s ours and she’s wonderful.

This hasn’t been easy (more on that later) but I’m so thankful. So so thankful.

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